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Waxing during pregnancy: here’s what you need to know, watch out for depilatory creams

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Is waxing during pregnancy allowed or would it be better to avoid it? Green light to wax, but watch out for depilatory creams.

Superfluous hair is, for most women, a real drama, especially during the gestation period. Don't panic, since waxing during pregnancy is allowed, but there are some recommendations to make, primarily with regard to depilatory creams . Let's see everything there is to know.

Waxing during pregnancy: allowed or is it better to avoid?

Is waxing during pregnancy allowed or would it be better to avoid it? This is one of the most popular questions as soon as it is discovered that you are pregnant, especially among those who cannot do without it. Let's start right away by saying that even serial hair haters can shave during pregnancy, but there are some clarifications to be made. According to experts, it is preferable to perform the cold technique because the hot one could lead to the dilation of small blood vessels. This problem, among other things, is already favored by gestation because the hormones, acting at the level of the vessels, cause greater capillary suffering.

To wax the groin, or other parts, during pregnancy you can also use the electric razor or the classic razor blade . In this case, there is no contraindication whatsoever. However, know that epilation doesn't hurt the baby, so don't start traveling with your mind and sleep soundly. Think that even belly waxing during pregnancy is allowed. Only recommendation: choose a product for sensitive skin.

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Depilatory cream in pregnancy: the story is different

The use of depilatory cream during pregnancy deserves a separate chapter. Both in the first trimester and afterwards, it is advisable to avoid products of this type because they can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Therefore, green light to cold waxing, even at home, with an eye to the product you choose.

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