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We cook the Ligurian rabbit with the original recipe

ligures rabbit

Typical of the Western Riviera, Ligurian rabbit is cooked throughout the region: among the ingredients, olives and pine nuts cannot be missing.

If you don't know the recipe for Ligurian rabbit you are probably wondering why the name. This dish, originally from Liguria and in particular from the provinces of Imperia and Savona , is prepared with a recipe that has remained unchanged over the years. In addition to rabbit, whose breeding is widespread in these areas, olives and pine nuts , two typical ingredients of Liguria, cannot be missing. To further enrich the flavor and aroma of the dish there are aromatic herbs .

So the sweet meat of the animal combines with the bitter flavor of the Taggiasca olives . To obtain a tasty cooking sauce, however, there is a secret: the wine, strictly Rossese di Dolceacqua . Ready to prepare your Genoese rabbit?

ligures rabbit
ligures rabbit

How to cook Ligurian rabbit

  1. The first thing to do is portion the rabbit: after cutting it lengthwise following the spine, cut 12 pieces , keeping the head aside. In fact, this should be boiled with a liter of water, a stalk of celery and a carrot to prepare the broth . If you prefer, you can ask your butcher to cut the rabbit for you.
  2. In a large, thick-bottomed pan, brown the chopped onion, garlic and rosemary in 3 tablespoons of oil. Also add the rabbit and brown it well on both sides, then add the bay leaf and thyme.
  3. Add the wine and when you no longer smell alcohol rising from the steam, add the chopped olives and pine nuts.
  4. Add a couple of ladles of broth (the one prepared with the rabbit's head), cover and start cooking over low heat.
  5. Cooking should last about an hour and from time to time you will have to add more broth. The rabbit is ready when it comes off the bones easily.
  6. Serve hot , sprinkled with cooking juices , accompanied by roast potatoes .


We recommend storing your rabbit with Taggiasca olives for a maximum of 2 days in the fridge , well covered in cling film or inside a food container with a lid.

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