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We love cabans! How to wear and combine timeless English pret-a-porter in winter 2023

Camel caban woman

Long or short, the pea coat is an evergreen also for the female wardrobe: the right mix between sport and elegance

Now that winter is really starting to make itself felt, what could be more romantic and necessary than a warm hug? Even if this is the year of the revenge down jacket, increasingly cropped or medium length to be cinched at the waist with a belt, there is a classic in the female wardrobe that never sets: the peacoat. Also loved by the male wardrobe, it is one of the most genderless and versatile outerwear. With its elegant cut tempered by a sporty appeal, it is the key must-have for the casual look to wear every day as well as for the glam evening look. If you don't have it yet, it's time to find your ideal pea coat, because there's more than one model to be desired in this 2023!

Women's caban, the story: a city outerwear drawn from the military wardrobe

Before becoming the best friend of walks, evenings and runs to work, the caban was the mid-leg long cloth coat worn by the British Royal Navy sector in the early 1900s. Practical, elegant, unique, already genderless by nature it would not be long before this garment would enter the prêt-à-porter women's wardrobe thanks to Coco Chanel, who naturally made it in tweed.

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In its female version the peacoat tends to be generally shorter than the male one, more screwed, and is characterized by a double breasted, two vertical front pockets and one inside, wide collar collar. Just as it protected sailors from the sea and bad weather, in the city it is the perfect accomplice for a busy day or for a sudden appointment to "put on the first thing that happens".

Dark blue has always been its characteristic colour, but over time colors such as camel and white have refined the model even more, giving it a romantic allure. A feminine brand, specialized in making outerwear of innate elegance is undoubtedly Max Mara , which has also made the pea coat its iconic model.

How to wear the peacoat in winter 2023: models and looks

Alongside more contemporary models, in this winter 2023 the women's pea coat is remodeled on the models of the early days, preferring the navy style: dark blue, black, characterized by shiny gold or silver buttons in contrast, are the predominantly trendy ones, as if to emphasize more the military nature of this outerwear.

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It goes perfectly with light or dark denim jeans : a dynamic look, designed for every day, versatile as an office look or for a day spent away from home shopping and relaxing. If, on the other hand, there is a formal occasion, such as a graduation or an important business meeting, combine it with a pencil skirt and a pair of décolleté, which will highlight its elegant cut and less sporty one.

– And if you want to make your caban glam and sensual, this iconic coat can also be combined with a mini dress or a mini skirt, together with a pair of high heels or boots: an exquisitely evening look with a 70s flavor, to be embellished with a pair of patterned or colored tights to create a lively contrast.

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