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We prepare the chilli cream: a spicy Calabrian specialty

Chilli cream

The original recipe for chilli cream is a Calabrian specialty that was created to brighten up the table all year round.

The chilli cream is perfect for creating appetizers, or for flavoring both meat and fish main courses. It is perfect for dressing croutons, sandwiches, bruschetta, but it is a real secret ingredient to give an extra edge to sauces to be used for first courses. Even the vegetable pinzimonio will have a completely different flavor if you dip your vegetables in the chili sauce.

So, how to prepare chilli cream at home, without necessarily buying it already made ? Simply using some hot red pepper and an excellent extra virgin olive oil. This typical product of southern Italy is really simple and quick to make and depending on your taste you can manage the spiciness being careful not to use too many chili seeds. In fact, if the pulp of this vegetable gives the flavor, the seeds give the intensity.

Looking at the creamy and consistent aspect, some think that it is a cooked chilli cream, in reality it does not need cooking, but it is only the effect of the vacuum that makes it so. Now, you just have to go into the kitchen and understand how to make the hot pepper cream following the procedure step by step.

Chilli cream
Chilli cream

Preparation of the chilli cream recipe

  1. First, put on gloves to repair your hands. Wash the peppers under fresh water and then dry them well with a clean cloth.
  2. Remove the green stalk , and with a knife cut the peppers, removing the seeds as you like.
  3. Place the peppers in a blender with the garlic and salt. Blend everything, until each ingredient is chopped.
  4. Take the mixture and let it drain , in a fine mesh colander, for at least 4 hours , or if you have time, overnight.
  5. Alternatively, once the peppers have been cleaned and cut, you can arrange them on a cloth, and sprinkle them with salt, so that they release – in 1 or 2 days – the vegetative water. And only after that, blend them with garlic.
  6. After the storage time, take the mixture and blend it again until it is reduced to a cream.
  7. Place the chilli in a sterilized jar, and cover it completely with oil.
  8. To create the vacuum , boil the jar in a pot full of water for about 30 minutes, after which, turn off and let the jar cool completely immersed in the water.
  9. The chili sauce is immediately ready to be enjoyed.


The chilli cream can be kept in a cool, dark place for 30 days. Once opened, in the fridge, it can be stored for 7 days.

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