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Wedding hairstyles to surprise: here are the wedding hair trends to keep an eye on

Loose hair, very wild

From the classic updo to the chignon, passing through the wedding hair cute: the hairstyles that are already trending among brides in 2023

Hair has always had a special meaning for both men and women: cutting it sometimes is not just the desire to follow a trend or to change your hairstyle, but it is an expression of change, perhaps the desire to understand a new chapter of your own life. A symbology that somehow now also reaches brides, who in the course of 2023 have decided to give hairstyles greater attention. If last year it was the turn of the double change, of the 2 in 1 dress so as to be able to change the look from the solemn ceremony to the buffet, now the hair is also celebrating the ritual and enlivening it. Recently on Tik Tok the #weddinghaircut or #weddingchomp has gone crazy which accompanies videos in which brides decide to cut their hair during their wedding ceremony.

Wedding hairstyles 2023: the trend of giving it a break, what is wedding hair cute

On the other hand, marriage fully represents a new stage in life, a new chapter that leads to an evolution: so it seems that the wedding hair cute, in addition to revolutionizing the bride's hair, allowing her to change the hairstyle during the ceremony, is also a moment to entertain the guests.

Wedding dress with embroidered sleeves

How much to cut is decided by the bride, who can choose whether to give it a cut by herself or followed by a stylist . In the sector it seems that the requests are increasingly increasing, thus giving rise to the need for this figure to support the bride during the ceremony for her look changes . Yes, because there's not only the possibility that she may decide to cut her hair, but that she may want to change her hairstyle at various times during the ceremony, just like the dress.

Chignon, semi-updo, loose hair: the hair looks of 2023

The haircut during the ceremony must in any case be a conscious choice, to be really done and not to amuse the guests. The change of hairstyle, on the other hand, is certainly easier to manage alone and less demanding: however, it is essential to always create harmony between the wedding dress and the hairstyle.

In terms of simplicity, this year too the chignon is one of the hairstyles that never go out of style and that we can transform into a ponytail with soft and natural waves in the second part of our ceremony, which can be quickly touched up even with an iron. Among this year's novelties is the semi-harvest to be embellished with hairpins and bobby pins , not only white but also coloured: a delicate and precious hairstyle to be reserved at buffet time and easy to create. However, there are simpler and shabby chic ceremonies that also allow us to simply focus on loose and wavy hair , perhaps to be decorated with floral clips on the sides.

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