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Wedding shoes like sparkling: here are the inspo and low cost jewel models

Jewel shoes

The brides of summer 2022 have no doubts: on the altar they dream of jeweled wedding shoes with rhinestones, minimal yes but sparkling

Embellishing your summer look with rhinestones , glitter , body jewelry is a sparkling trend back in vogue from the 2000s archive and which outlines the Y2K aesthetic mixed with a contemporary touch. With parsimony and gradually this shimmer trend has also arrived in the wedding look, albeit with a certain bon ton and careful attention not to overdo it. The bride, however, is the absolute protagonist and it is right that she also allows herself some daring touch, certainly possible in the choice of clips that can illuminate the hair but also in bridal shoes: this year's trend in fact favors jewelry.

Wedding shoes 2022: the trendy jewel models to be inspired by

Perhaps also thanks to the "crystal" shoes chosen by Britney Spears for her wedding in a total look signed by Versace from head to toe, this year's brides have decided to be more daring in choosing the footwear to wear on one of the days most beautiful ever.

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– The creamy white or pink satin model seems to be an iconic souvenir and the transparent shoes covered with silver crystals chosen by Britney have confirmed that brides can be daring with shoes or even jeweled sandals. As an alternative to the décolléte, the transparent PVC models are particularly trendy , embellished with diamonds and jewel details , a choice for unconventional brides.

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Sandals have always been divided but the secret is to focus on refined and not too tall models , both for the bride's comfort and to always focus on a certain bon ton. Of great inspiration are the models by Casadei or Manolo Blahnik .

Low cost wedding shoes: the jewel models of Shein and Zara

If you have decided to focus on a delicious but low cost bridal look and your dream is to wear a pair of bright shoes that make you feel like a little Cinderella, then there are several low-cost proposals that you can find on Zara and Shein, once upon a time. identified the model of your dreams.

Comfort and elegance are the mix and match of Zara , which offers a low-heeled sandal with iridescent stripes costing 70 euros: versatile and with the right sparkling touch, they are truly a precious investment. Alternatively, a pair of flesh-colored slingbacks with the tip covered with rhinestones are also a delightful compromise, currently available on sale at 30 euros.

If you are looking for something more classic but precious, on Shein the slingbacks are available in white and with a pointed jewel clasp and transparent heel, to give an original and personal touch. If, on the other hand, your dream is a romantic, comfortable and sparkling sandal , here too the choice is really wide and low cost, starting from 20 euros.

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