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Weight loss: the causes and everything you need to know


Find out what to do if you lose weight: the main causes and when to worry.

When you are faced with an unexpected state of weight loss, asking yourself questions is more than normal. In fact, there are several causes behind weight loss, some of which are related to lifestyle and others to more serious situations. The first thing to do when you are faced with a sudden weight loss is therefore to analyze possible errors and contact your doctor for a consultation.

Weight Loss: Causes That It Is Important To Know

Normally, weight loss is achieved following a diet linked to good physical activity . When weight loss comes unexpectedly, however, there may be reasons that are important to analyze.


The first thing to do, especially if it is a few kilos, is to understand if you are eating enough and if you are moving too much. In case of excessive weight loss, it is very important to ask your doctor for advice.

A sudden weight loss, in fact, can also occur in conjunction with some symptoms that should act as an alarm bell. These include fever, headache, vision problems, difficulty breathing, body aches and increased thirst and urination.

In case of excessive weight loss, the most common causes are instead:

– Infections
– Liver problems
Taking medications
Thyroid problems
– Food allergies and intolerances
– Diabetes
– Ulcers
– Problems with the digestive tract
– Chronic diseases
– Tumors

There is also weight loss from stress, which should never be underestimated and for which it is important to seek solutions as much as possible such as a richer and healthier diet, relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation and change (where possible) situations that generate stress.

Weight loss: when to worry

As already explained, losing weight in the absence of a diet that aims at this goal is always a wake-up call. Worrying about sudden and unjustified weight loss is therefore more than normal. When the situation arises, it is therefore essential to undergo routine examinations that will be identified by the treating doctor based on the symptoms reported and the personal condition.

In this way you can correct the problem or find out the actual causes and implement a treatment suited to the situation.

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