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What a style the first lawyer in Italy! How are Lidia Poet’s looks born?

Lidia Poet's law

The law by Lidia Poet is the new Netflix series made in Italy which is also conquering abroad: in addition to the story, the refined costumes of the first Italian lawyer also stand out.

The protagonist of La Legge di Lidia Poet, Netflix series, is a charming Matilda De Angelis , who in the role of Italy's first lawyer takes us to Turin at the end of the 19th century, where a woman in order to be able to practice law and be taken seriously he had to fight tooth and nail. And if it's also true that the dress doesn't make the monk, the look can in any case do and say a lot in institutional places and places of power: it's no coincidence that the costumes are one of the strengths of the series.

Lidia Poet's law: the meaning of morals

Hats , feathers, corsets, jewels: these are the focuses of the outfits of the lawyer played by Matilda De Angelis , conceived and curated by the young designer Stefano Ciammitti, pupil of a historical costume designer like Piero Tosi. Ciammitti said in a press release that he owes the extreme and manic attention to detail solely to Tosi: “The love for philological details was taught to me by my teacher Piero Tosi the audacity in the use of color and baroque fantasies are instead inspired by the contemporary English school”.

The clothes worn by Lidia are not only particularly refined to underline the elegance of the character and to enhance her femininity, but also in vibrant, bright and luminous colors, precisely to let the woman stand out in a world in which the only recognized authority it is that of men.

Vermilion red , amethyst violet, magenta, peacock blue, intense and precious colors that stand out on striped and floral embroidered dresses to narrate her colorful personality. Lidia Poet's looks also revive the taste for the Venetian style : "The main inspiration for the construction of Lidia Pöet's wardrobe was above all the fabrics from the historic Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, a place full of charm where velvets are still woven hand with 18th century looms”. The jewels with an oriental taste, inspired by insects and taxidermy, are also fundamental in accurately outlining the character.

The most beautiful looks in the series: from the Alexander McQueen coat to the Japanese-inspired suit

Gothic, oriental, baroque, this is the mix of styles of Lidia's looks to which the costume designer of the series Stefano Ciammitti worked, who in an interview with Vogue said he was fond of two costumes in particular created for Lidia. One of these is the look worn by Lidia in the fifth episode, in which she wears a coat from Alexander McQueen's s/s 2021 collection created by Sarah Burton and which recalls the great English tailoring tradition and the style of the last decade of the nineteenth century .

The most difficult to make, but also the second most loved by Ciammitti is the Japanese-inspired jacket and trouser-skirt suit , made of gray tweed with red silk trimmings and red and blue cotton lining. A rigorous, precise, original outfit, mirror of that more severe and precise side that identify the passion and seriousness with which Lidia defends and works in her work.

The earrings in Lidia Poet: the meaning

Furthermore, the earrings worn by De Angelis are bee-shaped , and she wears them in different versions. The significance of animals is related to their industriousness and their diligence in doing things. In Ancient Greece the bee is a symbol of industriousness , intelligence and eloquence. Traits that reflect the character of Lidia Poet .

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