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What are low glycemic index foods

basket of fruit and vegetables

Let's find out what are the foods with a low glycemic index and how to include them in the everyday diet.

Foods with a low glycemic index are those that have the least impact on raising blood sugar. And which therefore turn out to be healthier and less inflammatory. In general, these are foods that are recommended for those suffering from diabetes or insulin resistance . But more generally, they are foods that are good for everyone, as they promote health. And all while avoiding the negative effects the body has when blood sugars rise too fast.

Knowing the list of low glycemic index foods is therefore very important. And it is both if you suffer from specific pathologies , you want to lose weight or, more simply, you care about your health.

How to recognize the so-called hypoglycemic foods

On the web there are real lists that contain low glycemic index foods. However, the best way to learn to manage yourself is definitely to learn to recognize them on your own. Which can be done by relying on the various tables only from time to time to review or if you are following a specific diet.

basket of fruit and vegetables
basket of fruit and vegetables

That said, it is important to start from the assumption that proteins and spices certainly have a negligible glycemic index. While the same goes up as we go into foods containing carbohydrates and, of course, sugars .
In general, it is always good to remember that among the carbohydrates with a low glycemic index there are vegetables, some types of fruit, legumes and whole grains. Refined flours and sugar, on the other hand, are among those with a high and very high index.

Once you know this, it can be helpful to learn about commonly used foods that boast a low glycemic index.

Which foods have the lowest glycemic index

Let's start with the low glycemic index vegetables which are courgettes, ginger, shallots, leeks, peppers, aubergines, artichokes, salads, some types of mushrooms, fennel, onion, chard, cucumbers. , cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus.

These are followed by some fruits such as apples , black currants, kiwis, strawberries and more generally almost all fruits, except bananas, cherries, watermelon and figs. Even these, however, if well balanced can be consumed and used in some cases to sweeten some preparations thus omitting the sugar. In order for the choice to eat low glycemic index foods to make sense, it is important to learn to eat in a balanced way. That is, composing each meal with a source of protein, one of good fats and one of slow-release carbohydrates and with a low glycemic index.

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