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What are the activators of Sirtuins

girl food diet

Among the stars all over the world a diet called Sirt has become famous which was devised by two British experts.

It is mainly based on Sirtuins , a group of proteins that our body produces regularly and which are present in some foods. According to the studies conducted so far, these Sirtuins would be able to influence the mechanisms that burn fat and regulate mood and longevity. But what exactly are sirtuin activators ?

girl food diet

Sirtuins? Foods that activate Sirtuins

There is a correct premise to be made: to follow a correct, balanced diet capable of bringing about real results without creating imbalances in our body, it is always good to contact an expert in the sector .

That said, there are some foods you can eat that can act as sirtuin activators . They are a lot and it is impossible for us to list them all, but among the main ones we find:

  • cabbage, capers, red onion (raw) and rocket: thanks to the presence of quercitin kaempferol which has antiviral, antioxidant and cardioprotective power;
  • celery and radicchio: they are rich in luteolin , a nutrient found in the heart and leaves of celery and in the red leaves of radicchio which stimulates Sirtuin;
  • walnuts: in this case it is the gallic acid that transforms walnuts into a panacea for weight loss and the management of some metabolic disorders;
  • turmeric: helps the production of Sirtuin but also improves cholesterol levels, controls blood sugar and reduces inflammation;
  • red wine: incredible to believe it but its content of resveratrol and piceatannol stimulates the production of Sirtuin like few existing ingredients;
  • strawberries: because they contain a lot of fisetin ;
  • parsley: a real source of apigenin and myricetin , known activators of sirtuin production;
  • Cocoa: 15-20g of dark chocolate (85% at least) helps to activate sirtuin thanks to epicatechin ;
  • extra virgin olive oil: preserves polyphenols, oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol , sirtuin activating nutrients;
  • matcha green tea: gives benefits to the metabolism which are due to the presence of epigallocatechin which favors the production of Sirtuin;
  • Buckwheat: One of the best-known sources of rutin , a sirtuin activator.

It is good to know, however, that these foods must be eaten daily, perhaps alternating them for a matter of personal taste, and that they must necessarily be combined with protein sources such as eggs, chicken breast and lean fish.

The other activators of the Sirtuins

Following a diet, which we remember must be balanced, rich in foods that stimulate the Sirtuins and it is not the only thing to do to activate them completely. In order to succeed in this enterprise, in fact, it is also necessary to practice physical activity with constancy.

Furthermore, and unfortunately, from the age of 30-35 onwards, the natural activation of Sirtuins by our body gradually decreases. Fortunately, however, there are several food supplements on the market that can stimulate their production. By taking them, therefore, you will facilitate the process that allows Sirtuins to act on a systemic level throughout the body and to regulate metabolic and physiological processes. Furthermore, thanks to Sirtuins you can help prevent diseases such as hyperglycemia, diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

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