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What are the equivalent drugs to Augmentin


Finding drugs equivalent to Augmentin means having remedies that can perform the same function while costing less. Let’s find out which are the most famous.

Augmentin is an antibiotic usually used to fight bacteria that cause infections, including major infections of the teeth, ears, respiratory and urinary tract.
Inside there are two different active ingredients which are amoxicillin and clavulanic acid .
As with any drug, there are equivalents on the market which, despite having the same active ingredients, cost less. Which is why they are often required in place of the drug prescribed by the doctor.

Augmentin and equivalent: the price and how to get it

Normally, the Augmentin costs around ten euros while the equivalents can be found at varying prices ranging from three to five euros.


All for a saving that often pushes to go towards less famous but still effective drugs. Among the best known are:

– Amox
– Zimox
– Mopen
– Amoxicillin / Cavulanic Acid Teva
– Mondex
– Stemox

These are alternatives that can be more or less indicated according to the problem you are trying to cure. For this reason, it is always better to ask your doctor or pharmacist for an opinion.

How to buy Augmentin equivalent and generic drugs without prescription

As with Augmentin, an equivalent or even non-prescription amoxicillin alone is not salable. In fact, these are antibiotics which, if taken for too long or incorrectly, can lead to even serious contraindications. In order to obtain this category of drugs, it is therefore necessary to go to the pharmacy with a medical prescription. At that point you can ask for an opinion regarding the possible alternatives.

As these are different antibiotics , it is possible that they contain different ingredients and excipients which, in some cases, may be suggested or contraindicated.
For this reason it is always better to inquire before changing, especially if you have allergies to medicines or their components.

Of course, if you were allergic to Augmentin, that would also apply to its equivalents.
The same thing can be said for amoxicillin which, being part of the penicillin family, is to be avoided in case of allergy to them.

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