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What are the properties of dragon fruit and where to buy it

Dragon fruit

Have you ever wondered where to buy dragon fruit, what does it taste like and what are its characteristics? Let’s find out.

Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that is also called pitaya. This fruit is produced from a succulent plant that belongs to the Cactaceae family , the same family also includes the prickly pear. The plant is grown mainly in Southeast Asia and Central America. Let’s find out more about the characteristics of this exotic fruit and its nutritional properties.

Dragon fruit: flavor and characteristics of the fruit

The dragon fruit, in its most common variety namely Hylocereus undatus, has an external color ranging from pink to red and has green leaves that develop on the surface of the fruit. Inside, the pulp can be white or reddish depending on the species and has many small dark seeds, generally it is soft and compact.

Dragon fruit
Dragon fruit

The flavor of the pulp is quite sweet and has a cooling effect, even the seeds are edible. However, there are several species that have different skin and pulp colors , for example there can be varieties, such as Hylocereus megalanthus, in which the skin of the fruit is yellow and the pulp is white.

Dragon fruit: where to buy it

Being an exotic fruit, it is not easy to find this fruit in the supermarket or even in local markets. The best method is therefore to look for it in stores that specialize in exotic fruits . It is also possible to buy the seeds and grow the pitaya in your own garden.

Benefits of dragon fruit and properties

Dragon fruit is rich in minerals and vitamin C. Specifically for 100 grams of fruit we find the following nutritional values, from the data of the United States Department of Agriculture:

  • Calories: 264 Kcal
  • Protein: 3.57 g
  • Sugars 82.14 g
  • Calcium: 107 mg
  • Sodium: 39 mg
  • Vitamin C: 6.4 mg.

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