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What are the Riopan equivalent drugs and what they are for

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What are Riopan's equivalent drugs? Let's see what medicines of this type are used for, the list and contraindications.

Riopan is a medicine that is prescribed to patients who need to treat a variety of disorders affecting the gastrointestinal system. Let's see what are the problems it treats, if it has contraindications to keep in mind and what are the equivalent drugs.

What are Riopan's equivalent drugs?

Riopan is a drug that falls into the category of antacids . Its active ingredient is anhydrous magaldrate and is prescribed by the doctor for the treatment of duodenal and gastric ulcer, reflux esophagitis and gastritis and gastro-duodenitis of various kinds characterized by hyperacidity. Contraindicated to children under 12 years of age and to people with impaired renal function, Riopan should be taken only and exclusively with serum aluminum levels below 40 ng / ml.

However, it should be noted that prolonged use of aluminum-containing antacid medicines can reduce the absorption of phosphates. Also, before taking, remember that this drug may have interactions with other existing therapies. Therefore, it is recommended that 1/2 hours elapse between the administration of Riopan and another medicine. Based on magaldrato, it's not just Riopan . Its equivalent drugs are all those that contain the same active ingredient, namely anhydrous magaldrate .

Antacid drugs: the list

Before looking at the list of antacid medicines, it should be noted that aureomycin is not an equivalent drug of Riopan. In fact, it is an antibiotic prescribed to treat skin infections caused by bacteria that cause pus to form. As for antacids, the best-selling medicines are: Magaltop, Gadral, Magralibi, Eugastrol Reflux, Sodium bicarbonate Nova Argentia, Sodium bicarbonate Sella, Maalox Reflux, Eugastrol Reflux and Sodium bicarbonate Zeta.

Generally, these medicines are taken four times a day, one hour after main meals and before bedtime. The treatment can be followed for up to four weeks, but always refer to both the dosage and the timing recommended by the attending physician.

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