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What coprolalia is and how does it manifest itself: all about the ailment that struck Diana Del Bufalo

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What is coprolalia? It is a neuropsychiatric disorder, a branch of Tourette's syndrome. Let's find out the cause, symptoms and cure.

A branch of Tourette's syndrome , coprolalia is a neuropsychiatric disorder that prompts those affected to utter profanity or vulgarity. Recently, actress Diana Del Bufalo confessed to suffering from it: let's find out the cause, symptoms and how to cure it.

What is coprolalia: causes and symptoms

Coprolalia is a disorder that push those who suffer from it to utter vulgar and obscene words. It is a branch of Tourette's syndrome , which can affect both men and women. Considering that we are talking about a neuropsychiatric disorder, it is good to underline that the impulse is completely involuntary and, if not treated, it can become disabling, both from a psychological and social point of view. It happens, in fact, that the person affected by coprolalia lets himself go to vulgar utterances without realizing it, if not after having pronounced them. Often, this happens when the subject finds himself in boring or overly formal situations.

Sometimes it can happen that vulgar phrases come out of the mouth with a higher tone of voice than normal or with a different cadence. Furthermore, the person can also express obscenities only mentally, as if it were some kind of mantra. It is good to underline that what is pronounced by those suffering from coprolalia does not absolutely reflect their thoughts or opinions.

In most cases, this disorder occurs due to Tourette's syndrome, some forms of psychosis, schizophrenia and obsessive compulsives. Rarely, it arises after brain injury (stroke or encephalitis) and in association with other existing neurological problems.

Coprolalia: care and treatment

The actress Diana Del Bufalo , who has been fighting with the disorder for some time, recently spoke of coprolalia. Interviewed by Corriere della Sera, she declared: “ I have a disorder: coprolalia, the urge to say inadequacies. The first time this happened to me, I was in the shop of my brother's ex. A lady asked if anything other than flowers could be engraved on a necklace. My brother's ex replies 'No, just the flowers'. And I say: 'Marta, maybe the lady needed a good foul!'. They explained to me that it is a branch of Tourette's syndrome, it happens to me when I'm bored and they are all formal “.

Coprolalia, like Tourette, is treated with a course of cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps to keep impulses under control.

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