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What is anhedonia, the inability to experience pleasure


Let's find out all about anhedonia, the inability to experience pleasure in the different situations that occur in our lives.

Anhedonia is a particular pathology that causes the person concerned to lose interest in one or more aspects of life and which in general leads to the impossibility of feeling pleasure. It is, therefore, a flattening of the emotional sphere and can include different areas, making the life of those who suffer from it difficult. Let's find out more.

What is and what are the causes of anhedonia

Although at first glance, anhedonia may seem similar to depression, in truth it is a more complex disease , which is often also a symptom of conditions such as schizophrenia , bipolar disorder, dysthymia, autism, Parkinson's disease and other diseases.


To date, the precise causes that cause the lowering of the pleasure threshold are not yet known, even if it seems that the reward mechanisms are interested, which once compromised it is as if they no longer work. Consequently, when this happens, the brain is no longer able to make targeted assessments and feel pleasure.
Furthermore, it seems that the main symptoms of anhedonia are also the same for those who have problems with alcoholism or suffer from drug addiction . All for a complex picture that therefore requires the right diagnosis.

Anhedonia: the symptoms

As already mentioned, this disorder can affect different areas of a person's life. Precisely for this reason we speak of social anhedonia, sexual anhedonia and so on. Then there are more advanced cases, in which there is even talk of total anhedonia . In this case, as it is easy to imagine, the quality of life can be seriously compromised as it is completely lacking in satisfactions, rewards and pleasant moments.

Furthermore, this pathology not only involves a decrease in the perception of being able to experience pleasure, but also affects the activity and functioning of the subject. Here are the recurring symptoms:

– Sense of melancholy
Anger and frustration
– Perennial apathy
– Lack of interest
– Sense of isolation
Anxiety and fear

All symptoms that can indicate other pathologies but which, together with the lack of pleasure in one or more aspects of life, can indicate a more or less marked anhedonia and, therefore, worthy of the right attention.

Anhedonia: treatments and possible remedies

Anhedonia is a mental disorder and, as such, needs to be treated and treated just like other psychological disorders. In case of doubts or problems related to the inability to feel pleasure (whatever the form) it is therefore highly recommended to consult a specialist.
In case of diagnosis, the doctor can decide for sessions to which to associate the intake of drugs aimed at relieving the symptoms.

Furthermore, as often happens in these cases, it is very important to trace the causes and understand the mechanisms that have led to this personality disorder.
This can in fact occur alone but also in conjunction with other disorders. Based on this, the doctor will be able to evaluate the most suitable type of therapy and thus improve, albeit gradually, the life of those who suffer from it.

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