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What is Chiara Ferragni’s diet? Here are the secrets of the most loved entrepreneur on the web

Clare Ferragni

What diet does Chiara Ferragni follow? Even if the job takes her around the world, the entrepreneur always shows off a perfect body.

Influencer loved and sought after all over the world, Chiara Ferragni is also a successful entrepreneur. Fans follow her on social media with affection and, in recent years, have never failed to ask themselves a question: what is her diet? Strange but true, the merit of its physical shape is a combination of mother nature and family serenity.

What is Chiara Ferragni's diet?

Born as an influencer and also become an entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni boasts a considerable social following. On Instagram she always shows herself in perfect shape, even after the two pregnancies, so the curiosity of the fans is one: what is her diet ? Let's make it clear right away that Fedez's wife has a skinny build and has never put on so many kilos, not even when she was pregnant with Leone and Vittoria. Therefore, much of the credit goes to mother nature . As if that weren't enough, she's not even a big fan of sports, an activity she occasionally indulges in. So, what does Chiara Ferragni eat? She doesn't have a fixed dietary pattern, a detail mostly linked to her work that takes her around the world.

In any case, the entrepreneur tries to eat healthy foods. Whenever possible, opt for a latte and avocado toast for breakfast, or 200 ml of skimmed almond milk accompanied by 100 g of fruit and 35 g of vanilla-flavored granola. As a snack he almost always chooses a freshly squeezed orange juice, while for lunch he prefers a single dish. White meat or fish combined with legumes and cereals, such as quinoa, couscous and buckwheat, and salad. As a snack, eat a skimmed yogurt or a fruit smoothie. Finally, at dinner you can enjoy a nice portion of grilled meat or fish and some vegetables.

Chiara Ferragni: the postpartum diet

Chiara Ferragni did not follow a pregnancy diet. Of course, she cut out all the foods she couldn't eat in the 9 months and didn't consume any alcohol. He always allows himself some slights, but never exaggerates and, in the following days, tries to recover. Both while she was pregnant with Leone and Vittoria and afterwards, she hasn't forgotten the importance of hydration: she drinks more than 2 liters of water a day.

Finally, it should be emphasized that Chiara Ferragni does not combine diet and gym, but tries to pay attention to her diet. According to her, the secret of her physical form is the love of her family and the serenity she breathes when she is at home with her children and her husband Federico Lucia.

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