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What is ecoanxiety, the fear related to climate change

anxious woman

Ecoanxiety: what it is, the symptoms to recognize it and what are the remedies to overcome the panic related to climate change.

The term ecoanxiety, or ecopanic, refers to the feeling of fear or anguish resulting from the potential negative effect of climate change and environmental destruction on all of our lives. It is an emotional response to news stories, scientific facts, and other information about rapid climate change, habitat destruction , and the decline of some wildlife species. But how does it develop and how can it be kept in check? Let's find out the symptoms and possible remedies together.

What is ecoanxiety: the symptoms

Symptoms of ecoanxiety can vary from person to person, but can include fear for the future of our planet and a sense of impending doom. People suffering from green panic may also feel guilt that they are not “powerful” enough to do anything about this problem.

anxious woman
anxious woman

Ecoanxiety is often accompanied by an overwhelming feeling that global warming is beyond our control . It doesn't matter how hard you try to reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably. According to those who suffer from ecopanic there is nothing more to do.

This discomfort affects people in different ways: some may be paralyzed by their own feeling of helplessness while others may feel a strong need to do something positive to save the environment. So there are those who might choose to participate in an active campaign against environmental destruction, while someone else might limit their consumption habits to save money and resources such as water or energy.

How to overcome the panic related to the environment

Are there any remedies to overcome this psychological problem? Fortunately yes, dealing with ecoanxiety is possible. First, you can work on yourself . Understanding what is happening in our world will allow us to gain some control over our feelings about it. We try to educate ourselves on environmental events and the efforts undertaken by organizations and governments to restore the health of our planet and educate ourselves on the best practices and strategies for sustainable living.

We can then try to connect with nature. Let's take time each week to embrace the beauty that surrounds us, slowing down and focusing on what we have instead of worrying about what might be taken away from us. Scenic places where finding peace and quiet can truly work wonders to calm our minds of any worries or stresses associated with eco-anxiety. It is also important to participate in climate actions and events , such as beach cleaning moments. Knowing that other people are making efforts to reverse environmental decline can give hope and make you feel less alone.

Finally, it is important to seek support from family and close friends, as well as the help of a counselor or expert who could suggest the right strategy for overcoming this problem. Specifically, you can also change your diet, reducing meat consumption and reducing the production of plastic or energy consumption at home. All small steps that can help relieve stress levels directly related to climate change events.

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