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What is splanchnophilia: all about the disturbance of the Dahmer TV series

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What is splanchnophilia? We discover this psychological disorder that came to light thanks to the Netflix TV series Dahmer.

Splanchnophilia psychiatric disorder came to light thanks to the TV series Dahmer – Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer , available on Netflix. Quickly becoming one of the most viewed titles of the streaming giant, it tells the true story of the Cannibal of Milwaukee. Let's see what splanchnophilia is and what it entails.

What is splanchnophilia and what does it involve?

The term splanchnophilia – from the Greek splankon which means bowels – indicates in psychology and psychiatry a series of disorders characterized by sexual excitement and satisfaction through abnormal and perverse acts, in this case linked to internal organs. Splanchnology, on the other hand, is the section of systematic anatomy that deals with the detailed description of the viscera, i.e. the organs contained in the digestive, respiratory and urogenital systems.

Splanchnophilia attracted people's curiosity because it was nominated in the most viewed Netflix TV series of the moment, or Dahmer – Monster: the story of Jeffrey Dahmer . The production, which sees Ryan Murphy as director, wanted to tell the true story of the so-called Cannibal of Milwaukee , a serial killer who, between the seventies and nineties, killed 17 people. The man did not 'just' take their lives, but also took photographs to remember the murders.

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Splanchnophilia: why is it mentioned in Dahmer?

The TV series Dahmer – Monster: the story of Jeffrey Dahmer at its release in September 2022, within a few days has become one of the most viewed titles on the platform. The lead actor, although completely unrecognizable, is Evan Peters. As the Cannibal from Milwaukee, he suffers from splanchnophilia, which means he derives sexual excitement and satisfaction from the luminosity of his internal organs. Jeffrey's father, played by Richard Jenkins, tries to find an explanation for his son's killing spree. He is told that the infant dissected the victims due to his splanchnophilia. It seems that Dahmer discovered this paraphilia as a young boy, when he went hunting with his father. It was the latter, in fact, who taught him to kill and dismember animals.

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