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What is sustainable fashion? Where and what to buy to be greener!

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Sustainable fashion is increasingly taking hold in homes and among brands. Here's what to buy to be and feel green!

By sustainable fashion we mean all those choices in terms of clothing and production that many stylists are facing with respect to the environment and which are also increasingly requested by many fashion addicts. The proposals for sustainable clothing are certainly not long in coming, in addition to the beloved art of vintage, many emblazoned brands have devoted themselves to green fashion with eco-friendly materials , recycled fabrics and much more. All to not feel guilty? Or to learn how to truly change the way we think and dress?

How to make sustainable fashion?

To devote yourself to sustainable fashion, you must first of all get informed, there are many brands that are launching capsules , collections , or an entire mission that leads to respect for the environment. Certainly, even before the search for eco-friendly certified brands, the best choice that many make is the search for vintage .

Exchanging clothes or dressing up with second-hand and fashionable clothing is a way of dressing that keeps a lot of followers and never seems to go out of style. Just think of the many vintage markets that are found in small and large cities, but also of the many vintage shops.

What are the most sustainable brands?

If vintage isn't your thing, but you want to continue with your goal of fighting respect for the environment , the only thing is to get informed, and do it well. More elite brands have long since pointed in this direction, but sustainable and economic fashion is also possible. Then there are new, lesser known and niche brands that are gradually making a name for their green choices . Here are some brands that have embraced the sustainable fashion project:

Gucci has long sought various ways to make itself sustainable and, last year, launched its plan to become entirely carbon neutral. The concept is to reduce, or rather eliminate , CO2 emissions in the creation of the garments. To do this, Gucci is reducing emissions in its plants and has also activated 4 reforestation projects in Kenya, Peru, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Alberta Ferretti and her green capsules. The capsule, Love Starlight , released in 2020 and offers sweaters and T-shirts entirely produced with 100% recycled materials or products with natural fibers such as recycled cashmere and organic jersey . However, the designer's challenge already started in 2012 with her first sustainable collection.

• The Patagonia brand has long been devoted to being eco-friendly, and also aims at respectful treatment of animals, especially as regards the origin of the feathers that fill the duvets. The plumage is in fact 100% traceable and its production has nothing to do with the cruel mistreatment that the geese must suffer.

North Sails backpacks are 100% recycled. Not only the fabric, but also the shoulder straps, the handle, the classic front pocket and the zips. In addition, the brand has decided to donate 1% of all sales to the Ocean Family Foundation (OFF) to help them save the oceans . And he never ceases to underline how he pursues this line:

• Even Zara slowly becomes eco-sustainable. On the official website of the brand, he explains his choices and the desire to change. All the garments with the Join Life label are produced by suppliers who make sustainability a mission and who work to use raw materials and production processes that reduce the environmental impact.

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• Finally Rebello : born in Bolzano in 2012 with the aim of changing the world of fashion and making it green. It begins with the proposal of ecological T-shirts made with alternative materials such as bamboo, eucalyptus and organic cotton. In 2015 he began an important collaboration with Ivana Omazic (Prada, Miu Miu, Celine). All the products used for Rebello's garments are traceable thanks to an identification code on the label.

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