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What is the cico diet and how does it work?


The diet of the moment is the Cico diet, but how does it work and what are the characteristics that are making it so popular?

Have you heard of Cico diet, but you are not yet clear what this diet consists of and which assumption is based on? To understand how the Cico diet works, we first need to understand what the name means. “Cico” stands for calories in, calories out, that is, “calories in, calories out”. The principle behind this diet is therefore really simple: introduce fewer calories to lose more weight, but how exactly does it work?

What is the Cico diet and what are the contraindications

Unlike what one might imagine, the Cico diet is not a real specific diet, but is based on the concept we said before: consume fewer calories than are actually needed daily. The result is weight loss, but since it is achieved by creating a calorie deficiency, it is important to pay attention to how the diet is structured.

diet calculation
diet calculation

In fact, the greatest risk faced in cases of unbalanced diets, such as those based on a single category of food (see the fruit diet ), is to rely on an unbalanced diet and exclude, therefore, categories of important nutrients . For this reason, in order not to put our health at risk, we should always avoid do-it-yourself diets and always rely on a nutrition professional to help us establish the diet taking into account specific factors, such as gender, age and lifestyle.

Cico diet: how it works

Now that we have made this important premise, valid not only in this specific case, but for any diet, let’s see what the Cico diet is based on. At the base of this diet there is the caloric requirement, we can therefore calculate our average requirement and we will get an estimate of the amount of calories necessary for our daily activities.

Since the diet in question is based on a calorie deficit, a certain amount of calories must therefore be subtracted from the average requirement to achieve weight loss. Of course, as we pointed out earlier, this is just the principle on which this diet is based. However, it is important to remember that you cannot rely only on calories, but you must evaluate the diet as a whole so that it is truly balanced .

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