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What to eat before a football match to better face it

Rich breakfast

What to eat before a football match and which foods should you avoid? Let’s see some practical tips.

What is the most suitable diet before a workout and specifically what to eat before a football match? There are some foods or combinations that it would be better to avoid and in addition to seeing some indications on nutrition, we will also see how much time must pass before physical activity. Let’s start with the timing before moving on to the meal guidelines.

Nutrition before a football match

Pre-match nutrition must also depend on the time at which the match is to be played, if it will take place in the morning the most important meal will be breakfast , while for afternoon matches you will also have to take into account what you eat for lunch. Breakfast before a football match should be abundant, but above all it should be eaten at least two or three hours before the match.

Rich breakfast
Rich breakfast

The same goes for lunch, but if it is not possible to let this time pass before the game, you can at least have a snack . Now that we have seen how long it is necessary to wait between meals for the game, let’s see specifically the recommended foods and those to avoid.

Pre-game meal: what to eat and what to avoid

The most important thing when choosing food is to aim for rapid digestion, so you need to be careful about how foods match . For example, a combination to avoid is a starchy food such as rice with a protein rich one such as eggs or meat. This is an example of a poorly digestible meal and, therefore, to be avoided.


Always remaining on the subject of carbohydrates, it is better to prefer complex ones, for example those obtained from potatoes, pasta, bread and rice, than simple ones. You also need to be careful with fats, because they require longer digestion times and are therefore not ideal, as are excessively protein meals. Last but not least, it is best to avoid alcohol within 24 hours before the game.

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