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Wheelchair stair lifts: some choices and why

Woman on stairlift

What is the best wheelchair stairlift ?

Leafing through the catalogs of companies in the sector it is easy to realize that the solutions proposed are now numerous, even very different from each other and capable of meeting multiple needs. The fundamental characteristic that makes a stairlift a good stairlift for people with reduced mobility , however, is the presence of a platform.

The platform stairlift is the best one in case of motor disabilities

Platform stairlifts are safer than stairlifts with a seat for those who use a wheelchair for one main reason: because they do not require the person with mobility problems to be moved from the wheelchair and, that is, made to stand upright in order to be used. started and reseated after use. Some models, those with a wider platform, can also transport a companion in addition to the person in a wheelchair, which never happens with stairlifts with a seat and which can be very practical if the person is not self-sufficient. or needs ongoing assistance.

Woman on stairlift

Wheelchair stairlift: what features does it have?

As already partly mentioned, some models of stair lifts for wheelchairs are more suitable than others for use with electric wheelchairs or scooters for the disabled and only those with aluminum coverings, for example, can be used outdoors where they are continuously exposed to atmospheric agents such as rain or wind.

There are, however, some basic features that all wheelchair stairlifts must have and which it would be best to make sure of before having one installed on your home stairs or condominium stairs . These are features that are added to those, such as a braking device that can be activated automatically in case of emergency, which guarantee the total safety of stairlifts, stairlifts and elevators of all kinds.

First of all, the safety bars , located both on the uphill side and on the downhill side, guarantee maximum stability of the wheelchair even while the mechanism is in action. Special proximity sensors and anti-crushing and anti-shock devices prevent accidents of any kind during use. Rechargeable batteries must ensure that the stairlift can be used safely, at least until reaching the floor, even in the absence of electricity.

Wireless controls arranged in a simple and intuitive manner guarantee the autonomous use of the stairlift even for people with strong motor deficits. If absent, as mentioned, space must be guaranteed on the platform and a foldable seat for the companion to use during the race.

Some technical and construction specifications also make a stairlift a good stairlift for wheelchairs: the platform, for example, must be resistant enough to support a higher weight – that, combined, of the disabled person, the wheelchair and the any companion – and the same goes for the guide and the engine, whose power must also be well considered depending on how many flights of stairs there are and how steep they are.

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