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Who was Renato Balestra, the doyen of haute couture designers

Renato Balestra

Did you know that Renato Balestra has designed the uniforms for several airlines? Here's what you need to know about the character, between biography and private life.

Renato Balestra with his collections and his undeniable taste has conquered not only the Italian catwalks, but also international ones. Internationally renowned stylist he was also a protagonist on TV and in the cinema and in the theater, until his death on November 26, 2022, at the age of 98. Here's everything you need to know about the character, including biography, private life and great little curiosities.

Renato Balestra, the biography

Born in 1924, he was born on May 3 in Trieste, under the sign of Taurus. Growing up in a family of engineers and architects, he dreamed of becoming a civil engineer when he grew up. And he almost succeeded…

Fashion enters his life by pure chance, thanks to a bet with a friend, while he was in his last year of university. Renato designs a model which, unbeknownst to him, is sent to Milan, receiving an invitation to work on the creation of an Alta Moda collection. Thus began the extraordinary international career as a stylist.

Casa Balestra was born in Rome and its collections first conquered the Italian catwalks and shortly after the international ones. There are more than 30 collections : from " ready to wear ", men's fashion and accessories.

As already mentioned, not only fashion in the life of Renato Balestra, who over the years has also been one of the well-known faces of the small screen, also hosting programs such as Rosa & Chic (1988). Beloved by the personalities of the Italian and international jet-set, he has often been a guest and commentator on various television lounges, such as in the Chiambretti c'è program.

Not only that, in 2010 he participated in the Cuore di Mamma program broadcast on Rai 2 and can also boast experience as an actor. In 2011, in fact, he played himself on the big screen in the cinepanettone Christmas Holidays in Cortina .

The private life of Renato Balestra

Throughout his life he has had several relationships, although he has always been a private person about his private life. He had two daughters , Fabiana and Federica Balestra , to whom he passed the reins of the company nine months before his death. The same thing he did for his niece Sofia , daughter of Fabiana. The latter also has another daughter, Marta.

He lived in Rome , where he died. His assets are undoubtedly very substantial, but the exact figures are not known.

5 curiosities

-The designer has designed dresses for singers, queens, first ladies, actresses, entrepreneurs and princesses. Among these Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and Ava Gardner.

-Received the title of Honorary Professor of the Fashion Academy in Beijing.

-His collections have also conquered the theater and the opera: the designer, in fact, has designed dresses for the opera " La Cenerentola " by Rossini and " The Knight of the Rose " by Strauss.

-In 2010 he received the America Award from the Italy-USA Foundation.

-The Blu Balestra that bears his name has made school in the fashion world.

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