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Why do we tend to gain weight with age?

elderly diet gain weight

As age progresses, there are several signs that show themselves.

Among these are wrinkles, but not only. Weight gain should also be taken into consideration. Why do we tend to gain weight with age? There are so many people who, understandably, ask this question. As can be read in an article dedicated to the topic in MostraciChiara, the magazine dedicated to women's well-being , the commitment of a team of scientists from the University of Lyon and Karolinska University in Stockholm has materialized around this question. The details of this scientific work have been published in the pages of the scientific journal Nature Medicine .

elderly diet gain weight

The details of the study

The study in question saw the experts mentioned above focus on the situation of a sample of 54 subjects of both sexes. The peculiarities of their fat cells were studied over a period of 13 years. At follow-up, regardless of weight gain or weight loss, it was possible to note a decrease in lipid turnover in all subjects included in the sample. What is it about? When this expression is used, the ability of the fat cells of our body to remove the fat deposits stored in them is framed.

The researchers who conducted this research found that, on average, those who do not adjust the amount of food they eat as they age are likely to experience weight gain 20% more than who, on the other hand, manages the caloric intake taking into account the changes in the body over the years.

How to stay fit over the years

While this study looked at a small number of participants, it's not the only one to have found that people tend to gain weight as they age . In light of this, it is natural to wonder what to do to stay fit as the years go by.

In this regard, it is essential to exercise . But be careful: it must be done intelligently. Too many people, when they engage in physical activity in their senior years, focus only on cardio workouts. Useful for heart health, however, they are not enough when it comes to staying fit. To obtain a satisfactory result, it is necessary to combine activities such as running or walking with strength and endurance workouts. Yes, we are talking about weight lifting, which is by no means contraindicated for women (just be followed by an expert trainer).

What about nutrition instead? Premising the fact that, also in this case, it is good to be followed by a qualified professional, who will study a personalized solution; however we remind you of the existence of some indications which may prove to be valid on a general level.

Among these is the fact of consuming large quantities of fruit and vegetables , preferably in season. Space also for whole grains, thanks to which it is possible to keep the intestine active, optimize satiety and slow down the rate of absorption of sugar in the blood.

As you get older, several changes come your way that can compromise your fitness. To avoid this problem it is essential to keep the signals of the body under control. Essential – in this regard – is to drink even when you are not thirsty . The urge that leads to the desire for water tends to diminish with age. Hydration is essential for physical fitness. This is why, we reiterate, it is important to drink water even when there is no physical recall mentioned above.

As far as fat intake is concerned, let's remember the importance of focusing on those of vegetable origin. Space therefore for EVO oil, linseed oil, sesame seed oil. Better to avoid adding butter and lard.

We conclude with a nod to carbohydrates. If you intend to stay fit in old age, it is crucial to focus on the complex ones, preferably in the measure of three servings a day.

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