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Window disease: everything you need to know about it

woman legs

The window disease, despite its name, is a real pathology that is very important to recognize in time. Let’s find out what the symptoms and possible treatments are.

When it comes to window diseases, we don’t mean a shopping problem as much as an arterial disease. The real name of the disease is in fact peripheral arterial obliterating disease (PAD), better known as a window disease because those who suffer from it often find themselves stopping in front of them for leg pains that require recurring breaks. This pathology, in fact, represents a sort of atherosclerosis of the lower limbs .

Window Disease: Symptoms to Recognize

Peripheral arterial disease tends to occur mainly in women and after the age of 40.

woman legs
woman legs

It is a disease that is often very difficult to diagnose as the symptoms can also be traced back to other diseases. For this reason, it often happens that the correct diagnosis is reached only after some time. Among the most common and always good to consider are heaviness in the legs, sudden pain while walking, cramps and muscles that suddenly freeze.

This is due to a poor blood supply to the arteries, in the presence of which, the legs tend to lock up. If you suddenly find yourself experiencing even just one of the symptoms listed above, it is therefore important to have a check-up visit. In fact, if left untreated, PAD can also lead to more serious conditions such as, for example, ischemia of the lower limbs.

Possible treatments to keep the disease under control

Once a diagnosis of window disease is obtained, treatment is usually pharmacological.
Among the most common medicines are antiplatelet drugs, statins and, in more severe cases, monoclonal antibodies that help lower cholesterol levels. Obviously, these are treatments that must be studied on a case-by-case basis and that must be carried out only with the advice of a doctor who is expert in the field.

Prevention is also very important, which consists of a correct lifestyle in which nutrition (with few sugars and good fats) and correct physical activity become fundamental. In this way, obviously, even a pathology that is already underway can be improved and it is important to take care of it from all points of view.

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