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Winter sales 2023, shops vs e-commerce: the revenge of physical shopping

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Surprisingly, shops are overtaking e-commerce: for the 2023 winter sales, consumers are inverting the trends

For some years now, online shopping – even more so in the pandemic – has always made live shopping life difficult, representing a constant threat to shops. Not that it isn't anymore, but the first data that emerge during these 2023 winter sales affirm against any catastrophic forecast that could push brands to increasingly reduce physical spaces, that there is still a desire for live shopping . In fact, live shopping in stores beats e-commerce in this long-awaited promotional period.

The reason? Definitely a safer recovery of normal life, the pandemic now increasingly cornered and with it, the rediscovery of the pleasure of a day of live shopping, alone or in company.

Winter sales 2023: Italians buy more in-store than online

According to the survey conducted by Ipsos for Fismo, Italians have no doubts: as many as 89% of consumers intend to buy in stores, against 59% who will buy online, a clear sign that an event such as promotions becomes an opportunity that people love to live in shops in the city, a preference expressed by 90% of over 35s.

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Behind this choice there is probably also greater attention to the quantity but also to the quality of purchases: "In times of price increases, shopping becomes more selective and 4 out of 10 Italians prefer to purchase products considered essential" , explained Paolo Picazio, Country Manager for Italy by Shopify. In fact, 90% of consumers are willing to wait more by choosing a brand they trust and have grown fond of over time, having been able to test and experience its quality.

Purchases yes, but sparingly: Italians will spend less in 2023

Therefore, faced with a concrete fact that highlights the greater selectivity of Italians in their purchasing choices, even if we do not give up on sales, an always eagerly awaited appointment, in 2023 the budget dedicated to promotional purchases will be significantly reduced . 72% said they will buy at least one item on sale, but spending no more than 160 euros per person, while 23% will decide on the basis of the opportunities.

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There is certainly a clear decrease in purchasing power prior to the pandemic, as stated by Federconsumatori which records a 3% decrease in the budget spent by families, while Confcommercio estimates that each person will spend 133 euros: a turnover of 4.7 approximately billion, compared to 5.2 billion euros pre-pandemic. It is estimated that men will spend the most , 195 euros against 125 for women, and the over 35s with 182 euros against 115 for the younger ones.

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