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With a beautiful green color, here are the broccoli gnocchi

broccoli dumplings

Preparing broccoli gnocchi, without potatoes, is a truly original idea. Here's how they do it with the easy recipe.

The idea of ​​preparing potato-free gnocchi is truly original. To do this you can really use a lot of ingredients. Today we offer you broccoli gnocchi, ideal to prepare during the cold season when they are in season. To make them, three ingredients are sufficient: in addition to broccoli, flour and eggs will be needed.

The dressing of the potato-free broccoli gnocchi is at your discretion. From the simplest butter and sage to the tastiest and most substantial with cream or gorgonzola (or a combination of both) you are spoiled for choice. Let's see how they are done together.

broccoli dumplings
broccoli dumplings

How to prepare the broccoli gnocchi recipe

  1. First, remove the broccoli florets and wash them under running water. Then put them to cook in abundant salted water for 15 minutes . They will have to be tender if skewered with a fork.
  2. Once this is done, drain and let them dry (as well as cool) in a colander.
  3. Reduce them to a puree by mashing them with a fork or potato masher then transfer them to a bowl.
  4. Add the flour and the egg and knead first with a spoon and then by hand, transferring everything to the pastry board.
  5. Form loaves by rolling portions of dough between your hands then cut them into pieces of about 1 cm . You can form the gnocchi of the size you prefer and, if desired, create the characteristic lines by passing them on the prongs of a fork or on the rigagnocchi.
  6. Once ready, boil them in plenty of salted water until they come to the surface, then put them in a pan with the chosen sauce.

If you like the idea of ​​preparing vegetable gnocchi, don't miss those with carrots and pumpkin .


We advise you to consume the freshly made broccoli gnocchi. You can at most leave them a few hours on the floured pastry board waiting for cooking.

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