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Women’s hair removal: how to get a perfect result

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The secrets to smooth, silky, hair-free skin.

The methods to eliminate the much hated hair are certainly not lacking. However, not all are equally effective. Some may even be not recommended for certain skin types.

In this guide we will talk about the most used methods to carry out female hair removal. Next we will provide some useful tips to achieve a perfect result, avoiding problems such as irritations or ingrown hairs.

woman legs

Blade razor

It is the fastest method to obtain a tangible result. The main advantage lies in the speed with which the hair removal is performed. The hair is not eliminated at the root but cleanly cut at the level of the skin surface. This leads to rapid regrowth, usually within 2-3 days.

Electric epilator

An electric epilator can do something that a razor blade can't: remove hair from the root . This is thanks to the special tweezers found in the rotating head. To avoid problems such as the onset of folliculitis, it will be advisable to choose the Best electric epilator .


Waxing is the most durable of the methods mentioned so far. This is precisely because it pulls out hair starting from the hair bulbs . The hair will need a few weeks to grow back.

Permanent hair removal methods

There are some treatments that dissolve the hair pigment, melatonin. The hair bulb is burned by laser or pulsed light , two methods that have a similar operating principle. To resort to these more lasting methods it will be necessary to contact specialized hair removal centres .

Tips for a perfect epilation

First of all, whatever type of hair removal we intend to use, it will be important to choose quality products . In fact, some poor razors go to rip the hair incorrectly making it grow parallel to the skin. The same goes for electric epilators as well.

When we want to shave at home it will be important to prepare the skin in the best possible way. How can we do it? First of all by cleansing it well with a specific product capable of eliminating residues of dead cells and properly freeing the pores .

Next we should wet the skin with warm water. The action of the hot water is to reactivate the microcirculation and to enlarge the pores at the base of the hair. We could accentuate the emollient effect by using a pre-depilation cream .

At this point we just have to pass the razor blade or the electric epilator over the skin in the opposite direction to that of hair growth. In this way, in fact, the hair is first raised and then cut or eliminated.

A common mistake made by many women is to use the razor used by their husband for hair removal. These types of razors, however, are not designed to act delicately, unlike those specific to women.

At this point it will be necessary to pass a moisturizing cream on the skin capable of restoring the lipolytic balance of the dermis.

In conclusion, let's remember that to obtain an optimal result without subjecting the skin to excessive stress we should avoid doing things quickly, giving ourselves the necessary time before, during and after depilation.

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