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Women’s winter jacket: which one to buy?

Winter look

Winter can be insidious with its temperatures, so it's important to have the right clothing to face it.

Finding the best women's winter jackets , in fact, is not only an aesthetic factor, but also and above all a practical one. If a jacket fails to keep us warm on the coldest days, our discomfort will be transmitted to everything we are experiencing, ruining the quality of our activities. If you don't know where to start, Colmar has some good winter jacket options.

Each winter jacket fulfills a specific purpose, so the features will change based on where you are and what you like to do. It is clear that a model suitable for those who need to go skiing and walk in the snow will be different from one suitable for daily activities.

There are people who are not found unprepared for any occasion, showing off the right jacket for every occasion; others, on the other hand, find themselves faithful to a single boss with whom they manage to carry out all their activities. Let's see together how to evaluate the choice of a new winter jacket .

Winter look
Winter look

Type of winter jackets for women

The first thing to know is that there are different types of winter jackets, each suitable for specific needs:

Technical jackets

This type of product is suitable for those who want to maintain freedom of movement for various outdoor activities. It imparts light warmth and is therefore suitable for wearing during winter sports, such as skiing or mountaineering. These jackets differ from other types because they have technical characteristics that make them compatible for certain activities, such as the use of ski helmets for example. They usually have a zip closure and are developed with the 3L construction, i.e. with a layering that guarantees thermal insulation, waterproofing and breathability .

Casual jackets

This group includes products designed to offer strong heat , in the face of the harshest climates in the city. Their design shows different styles and silhouettes, to meet the tastes and needs of women. Some garments can then show accessories that increase comfort, such as hoods with ecological fur or hand warmer pockets. Their main purpose is therefore to ensure the maximum possible heat.

Jackets all in one

Some jackets have features that make them versatile to adapt to multiple situations , both for a trip and for the city. Most are made up of a feather padding, which keeps the person warm, and are made up of a casual style, also suitable for more formal evenings. These models are ideal for those looking for a jacket suitable for every occasion, without having to change for several.

Consider the typical climate

When choosing your jacket, always refer to the climate in the area. A duvet, for example, has the right padding to insulate and keep you warm, however it is not as good in case of constant humidity and rain, as the feathers are not waterproof; however it is perfect in those places characterized by a dry winter.

For more humid places, it is advisable to move towards jackets with synthetic insulation, formed by a multi-layered external coating and suitable for counteracting external bad weather.

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