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Y2K Revival, dresses can also be worn with trousers: the mix and match trend of the summer

Dresses catwalk

Among the spring/summer 2023 trends that drive celebs and influencers crazy is the dress+pants combo: and it's immediately nostalgic for the 2000s

It's called dress over pants or dress over pants, the most nostalgic of the Y2K trends that continue to feed the spring/summer 2023 collections. One of those combos that can enchant or make someone turn up their noses, even if in the revised and corrected version of the 2000s trends to the present day, this combination could surprise you in a positive way: the less sporty but more sophisticated vision in fact arrived precisely from celebs who revisit this combo even on the occasion of events. From the runways to the street, here's how we can make this trend our own.

Spring/Summer 2023 trends: dress over pants, the inspo looks on the catwalks

In the season in which dressing in layers is not only useful but also coolness , the dress over pants is the funniest mix and match to play with while waiting for summer, when we want to show off our legs. With a somewhat oriental and eccentric taste, we have often seen this combination on the catwalks of Armani , which has always favored it in one color, choosing tank top dresses and soft trousers with very light textures.

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– On the Blumarine catwalk, the trend becomes an opportunity for real experimentation to the point of excess, declined in another trend, that of denim: here the layering game mixes a long denim shirt, light blue see-through sheer trousers and denim miniskirt.

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– On the Calcaterra catwalk, however, the trend is declined in a play of textures and lengths, involving not only pants but also long skirts and asymmetrical bustier dresses: combos that will also be among the must-have trends for next autumn/winter 2023.

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Dress over pants: how to mix dresses, trousers and maybe even skirts

The dress over pants trend involves, as we have seen on the catwalks, not only trousers to be worn under dresses but also skirts, both long and short. The looks that we can get not only veer towards casual but also towards glam as Cate Blanchett and Zendaya showed us who have revisited the trend in a bon ton allure.

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– In fact , a long shirt or a chemisier dress , combined with denim trousers or black trousers, together with the inevitable ankle boots that are confirmed to be the most worn footwear in this look, allow us to give a perfect chic touch to decline in daytime outfits or by evening. And if you are looking for a dress over pants to wear on the occasion of a special event, focus on silk dresses and trousers to match with a pair of sandals or pumps.

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– Not always solid color, however, also play on contrasts: black and white, orange and yellow, even daring with three colors to pursue a multicolor look with complementary nuances. Naturally, jeans also in this last case always remain a certainty, allowing you to create perfect looks for the office but also for parties or formal contexts.

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