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Yellow teeth: natural remedies to get a dazzling smile back

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What to do to counteract yellow teeth? In addition to state-of-the-art dental techniques, there are several effective natural remedies.

Yellow teeth are above all an aesthetic problem, which rarely indicates ongoing worrying diseases. In most cases, it is enough to correct some wrong behaviors and use some really effective natural remedies . Let's see what to do to get back to having a dazzling smile.

Yellow teeth: the causes

Often a cause of great discomfort, yellow teeth don't always go hand in hand with poor hygiene. The factors that can lead to a yellowing of the teeth are different: from genetics to the habit of smoking, through nutrition, infections and aging.

Regardless of the cause , it is very important to have proper oral hygiene, which includes the use of dental floss and tongue cleaner. Also, remember to visit the dentist once a year and have your teeth cleaned every six months. This routine is essential for the health of the entire mouth.

Having clarified this, let's see how to whiten yellow teeth. Aside from drastic solutions, such as laser whitening which can only be done in a doctor's office, there are many other do-it-yourself solutions that can give more than satisfactory results. Without a shadow of a doubt, the first ally to have a dazzling smile is baking soda .

The only recommendation: it should be used sparingly and only from time to time because it can damage tooth enamel. Use it mixed with water to rinse or on the toothbrush, gently massaging the affected areas.

Yellow teeth: natural remedies

Another useful natural remedy is sage , which should be rubbed on the teeth. This solution not only fights yellow or stained teeth, but also bad breath. Also effective is malic acid , which is obtained from the pulp of strawberries or apples. It can be applied directly to the affected area, massaging gently. Alternatively, opt for lemon juice , to be used to gargle, or its peel or orange peel, to be rubbed directly on the teeth.

One last recommendation is a must. Against the yellowing of the teeth, limit the consumption of: coffee , red wine, tea, carbonated drinks and drinks with dyes, licorice, candies and anything that can alter the enamel of the teeth. The ban on smoking is, of course, included in the rules.

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