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Your nails but better: from Uk With Love, the new nail trend is minimal and nude

Nude nails

Nude nails and lipgloss are all the rage, but the British love even more natural and minimal ones: the 2023 manicure is liked by essential

Our nails and nothing more, or Your nails but better . A trend that should really be taken literally: it doesn't mean that we won't need to go to the beautician anymore but we will go home with an essential, nude, pink, extremely minimal manicure. The style that we generally have often adopted for ceremonies, delicate and refined, has been elected by the British as this year's trendiest. And if a few days ago we were talking about naturally sparkling nails thanks to the lipgloss effect, now let's go back to our nails as they are: natural and well cared for, because it's always from this last point that we start.

Winter manicure 2023: the #yournailsbutbetter trend is all the rage on Instagram and TikTok

If you try to write #yournailsbutbetter on Instagram you will find a feed full of simple, pink, nude but extremely refined and well-finished nails. They are worn long or short but well filed, with a well-valued oval shape, the nail polish is there but you can't see it and they are very reminiscent of the royal lady manicure, on the other hand the trend is confirmed to be all English. The colors are pastel, delicate, refined, invisible but not entirely , they almost blend harmoniously with the natural color of our nails.

Among the stars this minimal trend is already very popular: Selena Gomez chooses it as a daily look, Margot Robbie for the Golden Globes chose a slightly pink nude in harmony with the dress flaunted on the red carpet and played on the shape, slightly squared and pointed. Yes, because there is one more reason to love this manicure besides the ease and speed of creation: enhancing or playing with the shape of the nails, without letting it be overshadowed by strong and lively nuances.

Nude or minimal pink nails: how they are made

The basis is the principle. To achieve this type of manicure – easy to do even at home alone – it is important that the healthy and well-groomed appearance of the nails is enhanced: in addition to taking care of the cuticles and using products that softened the nails – an oil for example or specific products for manicure – it is essential to know how to use the cardboard or glass file well, so as to be able to work on the square or round shape according to the trend.

The nail should then be treated with a fortifying nail polish that acts as a base, it is softened with a hand cream and then you move on to the top coat: milky, not too pink, choose a nuance that can blend in well with the color of your nails. Generally two coats are enough depending on the color and how much you want to emphasize the nude and glow effect. And when you get the hang of it, you can also dare with a three-dimensional micro French : nude fanatics will love it!

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