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You’re not trendy if you haven’t chosen your Christmas sweater to give, treat yourself and wear right away for the holidays!

Christmas sweater

If Christmas sweaters were once labeled as old-fashioned, in 2022 the story has definitely changed… indeed the mistake is not having it!

Let's be honest. Up until a few years ago, many of us were faced with the idea of ​​a cousin or friend on duty who proposed to experience the Christmas holidays in the dress code of Christmas sweaters . so many as to make the possibility that the indecent proposal would be accepted remote. Now, however, the opposite seems to be true, because Christmas sweaters, amidst snow, snowmen, nutcrackers and gingerbread men, are becoming a tradition and a must have for experiencing a fashionable Christmas. And so be it!

Christmas sweaters: from the allure of the 80s through the 2000s to today, a bit of history

The Christmas sweater definitely tastes like the 80s: thinking about buying one, wearing it, immediately makes us think of those TV series where friends and families met in a mountain cabin among snowfalls and wearing what for a while were called ugly sweaters . Deer, decorations and geometric or snowflake frames in color combos mixing blue, red, green or white were the recurring patterns.

The tradition of wearing this sweater during the holidays, even better if on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, was born in the United Kingdom, transmitted to America and has come down to us today thanks to our sensitivity to Anglo-American culture.

In reality, these sweaters were a model that towards the end of the 19th century spread mostly in Scandinavia, where the geometric motif was born to distinguish the different fishing communities. From utility to fashion is a snap and thanks to the climate and the suggestive atmospheres of the mountains, the warm and colorful Christmas-themed sweater has come a long way. Memorable is the model worn by Colin Firth in Bridget Jones' diary and even before him the roundup of sweaters seen in films that from the 80s onwards began to be set in the Christmas mood.

Christmas jumper: The most beautiful models of 2022 and how to wear them

From ugly sweater to Christmas Jumper in winter 2022 Christmas sweaters are living their best moment. There isn't a high fashion or fast fashion collection that hasn't included one or more models: this year's most popular are those with nutcrackers, penguins, snowmen , even better if they are bright . However, the revisited classic patterns, geometric ones or snowflakes are also back.

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How are they worn? Ask yourself if you want to be vintage and in that case you can only wear these sweaters with a baggy model or palazzo pants, strictly with a pair of sneakers. If, on the other hand, you want to wink at a British look , a tartan skirt will be perfect, with a pair of Mary Janes or ankle boots.

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