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Zhoug: the new international sauce that is all the rage!

Zhoug hot sauce

Zhoug is an Israeli hot sauce that is conquering everyone's palates, so much so that it has become the new food trend of the moment!

It is increasingly becoming a food trend all over the world and it is zhoug, an Israeli hot sauce , which has conquered the hearts, but above all the palates of many people. Furthermore, many chefs have also begun to use it in the preparation of their dishes.

In addition, it is also depopulating on social networks , so much so that it has become a super instagrammable product. In fact, there are many posts that see him as the protagonist on Instagram. Let's find out better what it is and all the curiosities there are to know about it.

Zhoug hot sauce
Zhoug hot sauce

All About Zhoug: Israeli Hot Sauce!

Zhoug, zhug or skhug : these are some of the names by which the typical sauce of Israeli cuisine is called. It is a condiment that has been used in the Middle East for years, but has only recently conquered the palates of Americans, up to Europe.

Right now it's becoming a food trend that many follow, precisely because it has been successful on social networks. But this is not the only reason, in fact there are also many national and international chefs who have begun to include it in their menu .

The color of the sauce is bright green , it is prepared with fresh coriander leaves , green hot pepper , garlic and cumin . However, there are some variations that include the addition of parsley, cloves and lemon juice, to bind everything you add the oil.

It is an excellent sauce to accompany meat , but also hummus and tahina , to stuff pita bread and much more. In our country it is also accompanied with fish and vegetables. In modern recipes, oil is added and used to replace pesto as a condiment for pasta .

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