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Zip addicted clothing and accessories: the zip is now trendy too

Jacket with zipper

Once a practical closure, today much more: the zipper is a fashion trend, and turns into a street style detail on dresses, sweatshirts and shoes.

Lovers of the well-known sweatshirt with zip closure, must-have in the home and outdoor wardrobe, will be happy to know that this year’s 2022 fashion trend makes the zip much more than a functional closure. In fact, it is transformed into a fashion detail thanks also to the depopularity of street style , which transforms the practical also into decorative: the result is an always original, unexpected style, which travels between casual and sophisticated .

Fashion trend 2022: the zip parades on the catwalk for Dolce and Gabbana

The zipper owes its birth to the American engineer Whitcomb Judson who filed the patent for “a separable safety closure” in 1893. In the world of fashion, this functional invention has significantly changed the characteristics of both clothes, first and foremost sweatshirts, but also bags, which still today remain the most comfortable and safe for both travelers and those who move around the city.

From the functional to the aesthetic-decorative taste, however, the step was short: it certainly developed over time, as evidenced by the choice of many brands to also create colored zippers that recalled contrasting or matching elements of their look. To make it also precious, rediscovering its taste for kitsch is Dolce and Gabbana , which not only brings the hinge back to the catwalk, but offers it in a gold version in contrast with black.

On the catwalk of the two designers, however, the zipper also becomes glamorous on leather garments such as the trench coat, or posh street on a blazer: a sartorial detail that rewrites its presence again on garments and accessories, transforming itself into a decorative element, going far beyond the original practical aspect.

Zippered must haves: mini dresses, cardigans and accessories

And if we wanted to be fascinated and captured by this trend, what are the must haves that cannot be missing in our winter wardrobe? Let’s start with the mini dresses : in recent years the zip has been transformed into a decorative element, even very sexy, which we find on different models of dresses and pinafore dresses. One idea could be to combine these models with sequined bustiers or tank tops, even leaving the zipper open a little so as to highlight one of these two garments.

Since the zip is trendy, there are many long and short dresses that you find embellished with zippers even on the side or in some points of the dress, so much so that they become a sort of visible stitching that replaces the more classic manufacturing, that we find instead on cardigans. Cardigans with zippers, whether affecting the entire garment or only half, are perfect to wear when we want to focus attention on a particular shirt or sweater.

The perfect meeting between practical and decorative in the choice of characterizing the zipper, however, occurs above all in the accessories: in bags the zip is now not just a closure, but often plays at revealing apparent pockets, a bit like it also happens in the world of footwear , where the boots are above all to inherit this sartorial detail in a decorative version.

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