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Zucchini gnocchi: the recipe to try!

Zucchini dumplings

The zucchini gnocchi version is perfect before the end of summer to recycle all the vegetables you can't cook.

Zucchini gnocchi are a colorful and appetizing alternative to the classic potato gnocchi. In reality we prepare them in two versions: with the addition of potatoes in almost equal quantities to the vegetables, or with just the courgettes, 1 egg, grated cheese and a little flour to bind everything together . The two dishes are really different from each other in terms of taste, we challenge you to season them in the best way and to choose the version you prefer!

Know that both are suited to being combined in various ways: the classic butter and sage are always good, but they will also be excellent with a fresh tomato sauce, with salmon, with flavored cream, with a fresh vegetable sauce, with various types of pesto or with a light zucchini sauce . In short, have fun!

Zucchini dumplings
Zucchini dumplings

Preparation of zucchini dumplings

  1. First of all you have to boil the potatoes in plenty of water until they are cooked (when the fork prongs will easily enter the heart of the tuber).
  2. While waiting for the potatoes to be cooked, wash and cut the courgettes into rounds, put them in a pan with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt and let them cook.
  3. When the vegetables are cooked , puree them well in a hand blender and then pass them through a sieve to remove even the smallest lump.
  4. While taking the potatoes, remove the peel being careful not to burn yourself and pass them through the potato masher.
  5. It's time to combine everything and knead . Put the flour, the mashed potatoes and the blended courgettes on a pastry board, add the nutmeg, salt, egg and cheese and start mixing everything as quickly as possible, trying not to add any more flour to the mixture.
  6. Once you have obtained a nice smooth and moist dough , divide it into loaves and form your gnocchi in the shape and size you prefer.
  7. Throw them in boiling salted water and let them cook until they come to the surface.
  8. Before serving them, season them as you prefer, we have chosen a classic zucchini pesto to stay on topic.

The variant of zucchini gnocchi without potatoes

Gnocchi with zucchini
Gnocchi with zucchini

Now it's time for the version without potatoes , which will be much softer than the previous recipe.


  • 500 g of zucchini
  • flour to taste to knead everything
  • 60 g of grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1 egg
  • a few basil leaves
  • nutmeg to taste
  • salt up to taste
  1. To prepare your zucchini gnocchi, in the meantime, start cutting the zucchini into thick slices .
  2. Boil them for no more than 5 minutes in salted water, then throw them immediately in water and ice, so that the cooking can stop and the green color can remain beautifully alive.
  3. Once this is done, drain the zucchini very well, squeezing them: this will ensure that the dough will not be soft and will mix perfectly with the flour.
  4. Blend the courgettes in a mixer, with a few clicks, reducing them to a puree.
  5. Mix the grated Parmesan cheese, a little nutmeg , fine salt and a few chopped basil leaves into the zucchini puree. Mint is fine too, if you prefer.
  6. Now incorporate 1 egg and how much flour is needed to be able to knead everything and then be able to work it into sticks.
  7. From these rolls you then obtain the gnocchi, which you will cook like normal potato gnocchi , draining them when they come to the surface.

Serve your zucchini gnocchi with various condiments of your taste.

Also try the classic dumplings , you won't regret it.



Both versions would be best eaten at the moment , when the gnocchi are ready and piping hot. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer since both doughs are very delicate.

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