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Zucchini sticks in an air fryer

Zucchini sticks in an air fryer

The zucchini sticks in the air fryer are a light and tasty product, with a crunchy external breading.

Delicious as a side dish or appetizer, but also as a light second course. Air fryer zucchini sticks cook quickly and are low in calories . Thanks to cooking in this small appliance, you will have a product with little fat and a very tasty consistency. What is needed is to cut the courgettes in order to obtain sticks; then, we move on to the breading , to be done with eggs and breadcrumbs, which will make your sticks crunchy. They are excellent for serving something delicious but genuine at the same time.

Zucchini sticks in an air fryer
Zucchini sticks in an air fryer

Preparing the recipe for zucchini sticks in an air fryer

  1. The first step is to wash and dry the courgettes carefully.
  2. First remove the two ends, then cut them in half; then, divide them further, in order to obtain sticks . Place them momentarily on a plate.
  3. In a small bowl, shell the eggs and beat them with a fork, then add a pinch of salt.
  4. In another bowl, pour the breadcrumbs and add a pinch of pepper and aromatic herbs to taste, such as rosemary or chopped parsley. Then, mix.
  5. Before proceeding, grease the fryer basket with a thin drizzle of olive oil.
  6. At this point, switch to the breading: take one stick at a time and dip it in the egg; pass it in the breadcrumbs mix, pressing all sides, to make it adhere well.
  7. Gradually place the crunchy zucchini sticks. Once done, you can choose to cover the sticks with a drizzle of oil.
  8. Cook in the fryer, after having preheated it, at 180°C for about 15 minutes . If they are not crunchy enough, you can continue cooking for a few minutes.


Sandblasted zucchini sticks, cooked in an air fryer, are crunchy and excellent if accompanied by genuine sauces. You can keep them for 1 day in the fridge , closed in an airtight container.

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