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Balenciaga makes a bag of chips “fashion”: here is the latest from Demna

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Presented at the Balenciaga s / s 2023 fashion show, the bag-sized clutch of chips could launch a new trend already this season.

We have not missed an appointment with the provocations of Demna Gvasalia , creative director of Balenciaga and on time here we are to witness the latest found. In fact, now it was the turn of the Lay's bag of chips to transform into a comfortable clutch by Balenciaga, which was shown as an accessory from the spring / summer 2023 collection. After the trash pouch and the speaker bag launched some time ago among the new accessories and the bag inspired by the iconic blue Ikea shopping bag a while ago, Gvasalia returns to the taste once again to transform the accessory or everyday object into something unique and precious.

Balenciaga transforms a bag of chips into a bag: how inspiration is born

We know well that running on Balenciaga's Instagram and hoping to see or review collections and accessories is impossible: the brand is constantly updating its virtual space, but luckily all the goodies are on Demna Gvasalia's profile and it is in fact right there that you can see the Lay's bag of chips transformed into a handy prêt-à-porter. To make this clutch branded and special is the Balenciaga writing, which manages to make even such a usual object luxury.

According to insiders, however, this time Demna would in a sense have launched some clues previously: last June during an event at the Royal Acadamy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, the designer was already walking around with a real bag of Lay's potato chips. A moment that has taken on a double meaning: an anticipation of the collection or perhaps the fateful moment of inspiration.

How much is the bag that pays homage to the bag of Lay's chips

Balenciaga's gimmicks make people talk a lot. Not only in terms of taste and aesthetics but also and above all when it comes to prices. Currently, the exact cost of this particular luxury bag in strong line with the 90s trends is not known, since it has not yet been officially released, but considering the average prices of Balenciaga's unique and creative objects, we are talking about at least 1800 dollars, about 1846 euros .

For the rest, absolutely nothing is missing: there are different tastes, exactly as in reality, which correspond to a varied palette of colors – blue, red, yellow -, silver interior with zip even a list of ingredients on the back of the accessory. If you are wondering how and when to wear the Lay's x Balenciaga Potato Chip Bag Clutch , the answer is in the place where it was first spotted: the spring / summer 2023 collection, which thanks to Balenciaga already suggests the trend of accessories. irreverent that has always characterized the summer. A clutch that can be worn casually, on street, casual and even elegant clothing for those who want to dare with a certain Demna-style provocation!

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