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Bridal inspirations: from Haute Couture 2022-2023 Chanel the wedding dress rediscovers the 1950s silhouette

Loose hair, very wild

If you are the next bride to be looking for the dress of your dreams, let yourself be inspired by the trends of the latest Haute Couture Chanel

The wedding is reliving a golden moment after the pandemic. Many brides waiting for the big day and naturally looking for the special dress that will crown their dream of love and if we take a look at the Google search trends, particular wedding dresses is among the most typed terms. The direction is therefore that of a hunt for the unique, particular dress that will remain in the bride's heart and that will not go unnoticed in the eyes of the guests. And from the latest Haute Couture fall / winter 2022-2023 fashion show there is no shortage of inspo looks that offer a new silhouette with a vintage aesthetic.

Chanel Haute Couture 2022/2023 autumn-winter: the bridal look, tradition of the iconic fashion show

Not everyone knows that Chanel has always dedicated a space within its Haute Couture show exclusively dedicated to the wedding dress. The tradition always firmly replicated by Karl Lagerfeld who left Claudia Schiffer the task of interpreting the wedding dress of the collection, whatever the favorite style of that year, from the most sober to the sexiest.

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The bridal looks like this also this year closed the latest Haute Couture, outlining the bridal trends of the year to admire and be inspired by. Virginie Viard once again drew on the models of the past, rediscovering the classic, romantic and princely silhouette of the 1950s . To wear and interpret it was the Dutch model Jill Kortleve , one of the top models of the moment.

Maxi bow and 50s design: the enchanting simplicity of the wedding dress according to Chanel

The Chanel wedding dress looks to the past: a wide and soft skirt up to the ankle and a bustier that reveals the shoulders, to be accompanied with a delicate embroidered shrug with hem and fringes, which represent the vintage style of a look that meets innovation contemporary in the choice not to include the veil. In its place a maxi bow to surround the hair, to be worn loose or semi-gathered and replacing the classic white pumps, a pair of pumps with black straps, the irreverent touch of Cocò.

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And if this vintage inspiration weren't enough, there is still more: white tulle and semi-transparent dresses covered with sequins or a triumph of ruffles , fringes, once again to be worn with a bow this time in black, in velvet. A trend that we are sure we will see very soon embrace the taste of the next more romantic and rebellious brides.

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