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Does gastroscopy hurt? Here’s what you need to know about it

medical examination

It often happens to wonder if gastroscopy hurts. Here, then, is all that is good to know on the subject in order to calm down.

When it comes to testing, wondering if gastroscopy hurts is more than normal. After all, it is an investigation that is performed after inserting a flexible probe useful for understanding, for example, if problems such as reflux or gastritis are moderate or severe .. Which can cause a certain fear especially in those who are highly sensitive. . Fortunately, the news about it is quite heartening. Here, then, is what is good to know about gastroscopy.

How gastroscopy examination works

The first thing that may be useful to know is that there is gastroscopy without sedation. This leaves one to imagine how it is an exam that does not hurt and that, at best, can generate a bit of annoyance.

medical examination
medical examination

To those who ask if gastroscopy is painful, therefore, the answer is no. This can be done either by inserting the probe through the mouth or nasally . In most cases, therefore, a light gastroscopy anesthesia is administered in order to reassure the patient and avoid problems. In this way, in fact, the discomfort is reduced and there is no risk of having to repeat it for some involuntary movement .

How long does gastroscopy with sedation last?

Typically this exam has an average duration of 15/20 minutes. However, there are very sensitive individuals who may require conscious sedation. In this case, even if the examination is finished, you will have to wait for the end of the effect of the anesthetic to be able to go home.

Obviously, gastroscopy with sedation does not hurt. What matters is to follow the few important rules that are given just before the exam. Among the things not to do before the gastroscopy there is in fact eating after midnight before the examination and not taking any medications that the doctor might prescribe to better conduct the examination. In some cases it is in fact very important that the abdominal walls are relaxed.

If you do everything carefully, how it feels after the gastroscopy will not be a problem at all. And you will be able to count on a well-executed examination which, therefore, will not have to be repeated in any way.

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