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Low-fat diet: what it is and what you can eat


The low-fat diet is a low-fat diet that may be necessary in case of high cholesterol or certain diseases. Let’s find out how it works.

When we talk about a low-fat diet we mean a diet based on the consumption of low fat.
It is often recommended by doctors for high cholesterol, fatty liver, or conditions that get worse with high concentrations of fat . More generally, it is a type of diet that promotes well-being.

Low-lipid diet: what to eat

The low-fat diet consists in the daily intake of a quantity of fat that is 25% lower than the other nutrients. In following it, the various categories of fats must be distinguished, among which Omega 3 and 6 and unsaturated ones must be preferred.


Through a low-calorie and low-fat diet (fats have a greater number of calories than other macronutrients) it is possible to decrease the amount of fat mass, lower cholesterol levels, give relief to the liver and obtain, in general, health benefits. .
In general, the foods to be preferred include fish , lean meat, egg whites (and some whole eggs), low-fat cheeses, whole-grain cereals, fruit and vegetables. Of course, refined sugars and all foods containing saturated or trans fats should be reduced or eliminated.

Low-fat diet: typical menu

In a day of low-fat diet for cholesterol or other, you can therefore eat a variety of foods as long as you choose between healthy ones and prepare them appropriately.
For breakfast you can eat low-fat milk with wholemeal bread and homemade jam or, alternatively, low- fat Greek yogurt with fruit.

At lunch you can eat wholemeal pasta or rice to be combined with vegetables. You can then opt for a low-fat cheese and a fruit. At dinner you can eat grilled fish with a side of vegetables to be dressed with extra virgin olive oil. It can be served with wholemeal bread and a small fruit.
For snacks you can consume fruit, vegetables or low-fat yogurt.

Obviously fried foods are to be excluded while steaming, grilling or non-stick pan cooking should be preferred. A healthy way of eating that must always be seen together with your doctor or a good nutritionist.

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