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Lucid dreams: what they are and how to recognize them

woman sleeping

Lucid dreams are those dream episodes over which it is possible to have control. Rather rare, they are often difficult to recognize. So let’s find out everything about them.

Lucid dreams have the particularity of being able to be controlled in some way. In fact, these are very particular dreams of which we are aware and which can therefore be managed by changing their plot in some way. Difficult to recognize, they require a certain commitment on the part of those who make them. However, by working on it it is possible to practice in order to be able to obtain more and more controllable ones .

Lucid dreams: what they are and how they work

The so-called conscious dream or lucid dream, is a oneiric activity in which one realizes that he is asleep and in the middle of a dream .

woman sleeping
woman sleeping

Regarding how to have lucid dreams, although in the course of life it happens at least once to be inside them, in most cases, putting them into action can be really difficult, at least like waking up at specific times on command. To provoke lucid dreams, the techniques are different. One of the many seems to be trying to realize that you are awake and alert during the day. Doing it many times over time will inevitably lead to doing it even during the night. And this will help to understand what you are experiencing and to drive your dream.

Regarding how to get out of a lucid dream, the situation does not change. In theory, once you are able to manage and govern a dream, you can also decide to stop it if this is not to your liking.

Lucid dreams and mood effects

Of course, having lucid dreams can also have particular effects on mood.
Often having nightmares , in fact, can make the day particularly difficult, also reflecting on the time to go to sleep and on the nervousness that could be linked to it. An aspect that could change simply by learning to change the ending or the evolution of the matter.

If one wonders if lucid dreams are dangerous, then, the answer is no. Indeed, learning how to get out of any nightmares could make the dream experience much more pleasant. Which will certainly reflect on the mood in a positive way.

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