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Mental health: is psychotherapy going mainstream?


If until a few years ago meeting a psychologist was something to hide, it seems that things are changing.

In fact, nowadays it is more common for people to talk without embarrassment about their psychotherapy experience . This is especially true for the younger generations, who on social media tell and share their vulnerabilities. In general, the idea that the psychologist is “the mad doctor” is gradually disappearing , and many people are now starting a path of personal growth.


Why psychotherapy has become popular

In researching the causes of the recent popularity of psychotherapy it is impossible to ignore the effect of the pandemic on people’s mental health. Several studies indicate a marked increase in symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress in the population, and the long-term effects of the health emergency are not yet clear . Surely the situation of uncertainty, fear, loss of control in which we found ourselves has prompted many to ask for help from a psychologist, perhaps for the first time.

At the same time, the spread of online psychotherapy platforms has revolutionized the way this type of service is used. Compared to traditional office sessions, it is much easier to talk to a Serenis Health online psychologist from the comfort of your home, in maximum privacy and maintaining social distancing. Online psychotherapy is accessible to anyone with an internet connection , saves time and stress because there is no need to travel, and generally costs less than a session in person. It is therefore not surprising that so many have decided to try this new experience to take care of their mental health.

Raise awareness of problems and solutions

Another factor contributing to the popularity of psychotherapy is a more widespread awareness of mental illnesses and available treatments. Diagnosis of anxiety, burnout at work and depression often contribute to sick leave , with a considerable impact on the economy. According to some estimates, depression could become the leading cause of lost work days due to disability by 2030. It is often in the interests of the companies themselves, therefore, to provide psychological support to their employees to make sure they are able to work and stay productive.

In addition to a greater knowledge of psychological problems, the search for solutions has also made great strides in recent years. In fact, there are numerous studies and meta-analyzes on the effectiveness of different therapy methods, thanks to which it is possible to treat various disorders with a scientific and data-based approach . A type of therapy that proves particularly useful is the cognitive behavioral one, which aims to provide patients with strategies to deal with negative emotions in everyday life even outside the therapeutic context.

Step forward against stigma

Despite these undoubted advances, sadly the stigma towards psychotherapy has not entirely vanished. For many, seeing a psychologist is still not a normal way of taking care of themselves, such as going to the dentist. It is still common to think that your situation is not serious enough to need outside help , thus believing that the right thing to do is to face it alone. Many people would like to start psychotherapy but are blocked by a sense of shame or embarrassment. There is no doubt, however, that the topic of mental health is becoming more mainstream , as evidenced by the growing number of international and homegrown celebrities who have told their stories of psychological distress. This change taking place in our society will probably be driven by young people, who demonstrate that they can accept their vulnerability without considering it a weakness. Perhaps they will be the ones to teach parents that self-care also means inner growth through psychotherapy.

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