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Ready to discover the pelvis even in the cold? The trend launched by Chiara Ferragni (with a must-have to match)

Chiara Ferragni

An uncovered winter look with an unexpected must have: this is how Ferry surprised New York at Fashion Week 2022.

Joking a while ago, Fedez stated that everything Chiara Ferragni touches becomes gold. In fact, it would be difficult to say the opposite, because it is enough for the digital entrepreneur to launch a new collection of any kind, wear a new garment from a little-known brand or wear slippers with socks as a street outfit to immediately sign a trend.

And history has just repeated itself at New York Fashion Week 2022 , where it not only gave us wonderful looks but also fashion ideas ready to become trends, even with a hint of irony.

Chiara Ferragni, look 2022: the open pelvis is also a tendency to cold

How many of you at Chiara Ferragni’s post with the Miu Miu look worn at New York Fashion Week 2022, and how cold or not we already want to do our ardently, have begun to have some doubts about the cold climate and bare stomach combo? In fact, it is Chiara herself who makes an irony of it by pointing out the -10 ° C in New York, and for which perhaps not even the Dsquared 2 down jacket alone might not be enough.

Strength and courage, however, Ferry has shown herself fearless, showing off a look that seems to have all the prerequisites to become a trend: do not give up the basin uncovered even in winter, combining a warm duvet, better if padded and voluminous, carrying a package by Imodium .

His post is ironic, but in reality it silently suggests an emergency cold-proof solution: in fact, someone is already betting that fashion addicts will soon include the medicine for intestinal disorders in their bags, thus transformed into a must-have accessory .

Open basin winter look: the key items to achieve it

Trend stolen from the 90s and 2000s, already in the spring of last year the belly discovered in the spring had already made its entry and return. Thanks to the crop sweaters or bra-size tops to combine with oversized blazers, the freedom to decide how much to discover the pelvis and to combine the right outerwear with this trend remains unchanged.

So go free to down jackets, inspired by the Ferry look, but also to crop cardigans to combine with long cardigans with lots of buttons so that you can also cover them, and why not even a soft and warm wool shacket . The winter blazer is also super promoted, a passepartout for elegant evenings. In short, there is no shortage of tricks to leave the belly uncovered in winter, even bringing with you some ad hoc medicines.

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