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Sanremo 2022, Drusilla Foer’s seamstress speaks: “She has a great style”

Drusilla Foer

Drusilla Foer will be one of the co-hosts of Sanremo 2022, who will present the event alongside Amadeus. Here is the style of her expected looks on stage.

Sanremo 2022 will start tomorrow and during the third evening of Thursday Drusilla Foer will be alongside Amadeus. The Florentine noblewoman, born from the imagination of the Florentine actor Gianluca Gori, will parade on the stage of the Ariston with looks made especially for her.

For all her audience Drusilla Foer is a style icon and now everyone can’t wait to see what she will wear for this very special event. All her looks will be created by Rina Milano, her trusted seamstress, who also for this occasion has set to work to create perfect outfits.

In an interview with Today, Rina Milano talked about the elegance that distinguishes Drusilla Foer, revealing in more detail her tastes in terms of style: “For Drusilla, elegance means repeating shapes that she likes. It is not the search for the new at all costs. Love traditional clothes. She knows what she wants, hers is an innate elegance. She knows how to dress and it’s easy for a seamstress to follow her. It has good taste “

Furthermore, the stylist and seamstress revealed a little more about the dresses that Drusilla chose for her evening in Sanremo 2022: “They are two dresses with a classic line but with exceptional fabrics of great value. We have been very attentive to the volumes adapted to her … But I can’t reveal anything more “

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