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The best natural products for intimate hygiene

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Intimate well-being is a necessary condition for the general health of the organism.

The adoption of correct behaviors and healthy habits can remove the risk of discomfort or even pathologies of the vulvovaginal area . For example, proper intimate hygiene prevents some unpleasant symptoms – such as burning, itching and intimate dryness – that characterize most genital area disorders. Conversely, incorrect or too aggressive hygiene can cause inflammation, allergic conditions, dermatitis and skin irritation to the external genitalia.

Wellness Relax

The importance of intimate hygiene: guide to natural cleansers

Cleansing the private parts is not a simple routine step in everyday hygiene, but it plays a fundamental role in the well-being of every woman. On the other hand, the female external genitalia and the vagina are a very delicate area of ​​the body, populated by good bacteria that make up the bacterial flora . The vaginal environment, in fact, is characterized by the presence of lactobacilli, and lives in a situation of easily compromised precarious balance.

Selecting cleansing products for intimate hygiene is very important. Be careful in choosing neutral formulations , which respect the pH of the skin and do not irritate the skin. We recommend the use of intimate cleansers certified for the absence of harmful substances, therefore they can also be used by sensitive skin. Among the best on the market we point out Alis intimate cleanser by Leonardo Medica , with a high skin tolerance formula ideal for all moments of every woman’s life.

The 3 rules for a good natural intimate cleanser

Here are the rules to keep in mind when choosing your natural intimate cleanser:

  • Let’s start with the pH , which is highly variable in intimate cleansers. Generally acidic , it varies depending on whether it is used by men or women, but also according to age and stage of life (for example, women of childbearing age, pregnancy or menopause will use different pHs). A balanced pH serves to keep the bacterial flora unaltered, thus avoiding the proliferation of other potentially pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Intimate cleansers are based on surfactants , the substances that have the function of mixing different liquids inside the washing products. Natural surfactants are preferred over surfactants containing petroleum derivatives – such as SLS or SLES – which risk irritating the skin and promoting intimate dryness. Also beware of chemical ingredients such as dyes and perfumes, which can cause irritation.
  • For intimate hygiene it is preferable to use natural products, capable of maintaining the right hydration, improving and promoting the soothing and emollient action.

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