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The best sports to tone the legs, buttocks and stomach

Outdoor sports in autumn

From swimming to pilates, let’s see which are the best sports to tone your legs, buttocks and stomach in no time.

To have a fit body it is not enough to lose weight, you need to tone your muscles with targeted exercises. For women, the most critical and difficult areas to firm up are undoubtedly the legs, buttocks and belly, where fat tends to accumulate and muscles lose tone if not well trained. Let’s see, then, what are the best sports to tone these critical points in our body.

Sport to lose weight in the legs

– Bicycle, stationary bike and spinning. The bicycle is great for firming all the legs, including the inner thigh. Use it instead of the car as much as possible and you will immediately notice the results. If you can, intensify your workout by using the stationary bike or better yet by spinning in the gym.

Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike

– Race. Running is great not only for burning calories and thus losing weight, but also for toning and slimming your legs. Going for a run every morning or every night is a good habit . If you are not trained, start by alternating running and walking .

– Walk. Even a simple walk is great for working out your legs. Obviously, it must be a brisk walk, to be continued for at least half an hour in a row and done with walking shoes.

Sport to tone the legs and buttocks

– Squat. The best exercise for lifting and firming the buttocks is the squat, especially if done with the barbell. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you rely on a personal trainer at the gym and not improvise, because you could get injured.

– Step. The step is great for firming the buttocks, but also the legs and stomach. Usually in the gym there are step courses to the rhythm of music, very stimulating.

– GAG. If you are interested in toning not only the buttocks, but also the abdominals and legs, beyond the step you can try the GAG ​​workout (Legs, Abdominals, Buttocks) a series of exercises designed to firm up these three critical points.

Sports to tone the belly

– Jumping rope. Rope jumping puts the abdominals in constant tension, toning them. In addition, it slims and firms the legs.

– Pilates. Pilates is a sport that works all the muscles of the body, firming and fortifying them. In particular, the abdominals are continuously stressed.

– I swim. Swimming is also good for the whole body, not just for the belly. Seeing is believing!

Sport to firm the whole body

An invigorating sport is always good for your well-being. But what are the specific ones for firming the whole body? Here is a list :

Swimming . It is a sport that works almost all the muscles in the body and makes them toned. Recommended.

Pilates . This is a discipline that tries to stretch all the muscles as best as possible, and if you practice it consistently, it firms them.

Aerobics . Also in this case it is a discipline that sets in motion many muscles of the body. If you practice it consistently.

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