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The fashion retail of the future: peek at our desires and launch personalized trends

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Physical and digital stores are racing towards a fashion interconnection, between bespoke trends and new purchasing methods

If for some brands also owning apps is still an ambition or a plus these days, in the near future it can be said that it will be almost indispensable. The prospect, however, is not absolutely catastrophic, but rather ultra-digital with the birth of new trends in fashion that will increasingly integrate physical and digital interaction . In fact, the objective will be to seek and create new market opportunities starting from the careful knowledge of consumers.

In fact, in addition to the strong digitization, it is the involvement of users that is at the center of the production and sales processes of brands, which in terms of retail sales increasingly need to question themselves. In fact, the physical store must not look at a sunset but rather reinvent itself and develop a digital soul.

The new digital fashion trends: e-commerce is growing, even in Italy

E -commerce , which for some brands has become the main if not the only channel for sales and communication with the customer, continues a significant growth also in Italy: according to Statista, statistical marketing portal, in 2022 the market in Italy of digital retail has reached a value of 45 billion euros and is expected to grow by 15% until 2025.

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A fact that immediately requires a reflection on the world of retail sales, whose goal is now very clear: to understand how to retain consumers by working on building an emotional and personal relationship by developing new technological innovations and thus integrating them into an immersive experience between reality. and digital. The birth of a respective metaverse for many brands, Gucci in the lead in high fashion, has also recently been experimented with in fast fashion by Zara . This is why it is expected that 95% of Italian merchants will focus on investments for digital transformation, betting on further business growth.

Identikit of the new consumer: involving the customer but above all getting to know him

Building a relationship and constant comparison with the new consumer is essential: just see how the development of greater awareness in purchasing has led brands to review their sustainability principles and work on collections made with green and environmentally friendly materials. . That's why if statistical data shows that only 14% of retailers know their customers well, brands need to get closer to their customers and get to know them.

That is why according to Gartner, a company that deals with research and analysis in the field of information technology, it is expected that by 2023, 40% of individual behaviors will be tracked through Internet of Behavior systems. A technology that will connect retailers and customers, so as to provide them with information on objects before purchase, while in the post-sales phase the retailer will be able to study how the user interacts with the object, through the use of SmartTag, which will to follow the process from the store or headquarters for greater information integrity.

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