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The must-haves to withstand the heat: clothing and accessories essential on vacation and in the city

Colors that enhance the tan

Clothes with natural fabrics, breathable outfits and strategic accessories: here is the fashion you need to withstand summer 2022

The heat does not give us an easy life in the summer. The ideal would be to enjoy the beach and a house by the sea but if the holidays have not yet started or if for some reason it will not be possible, we will have to survive, starting with the clothes to choose to wear every day. The desire to discover and get ready in the shortest possible time is great, but if on some occasion we can leave the house with a pair of Havaianas on the foot, a pair of trendy flip flops that have always been trendy, in others it will not be possible. That's why in our wardrobe we need our anti- heat must haves to run for cover.

Anti-heat clothes: dresses with natural fabrics and combined outfits according to the summer 2022 trends

What could normally be considered as the perfect heat-proof seal, slippers, shorts and tops always makes us think that we are ready to go to the beach and maybe it seems not very chic to move around the city. The secret, however, is in declining everything according to a more city appeal: yes then to linen shorts perhaps decorated with a sash, bodychain or foulard, nude effect handmade sandals and a crop top, combined with a wide and comfortable linen shirt. Très chic!

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Also focus on long and midi dresses, what matters is the choice of a thermoregulating fabric such as linen, natural cotton and silk that allow sweat to evaporate: another reason why in extremely hot conditions dresses, tops or skirts should be absolutely banned. excessively enveloping that would put the body to the test.

Also pay attention to the choice of colors, because dark shades absorb the heat so at the most they are to be reserved for the evening, as well as heels: better to wear them only when strictly necessary.

Bikini in town? When the swimsuit becomes a fresh alternative

This year there are two big summer trends that are bolder and cooler: letting the underwear glimpse with the return of low-waisted pants and wearing transparent tops that let you see the bra, when it's not the super crop top that completely replaces, and also wear the bikini in the city especially the one-piece swimsuit.

The swimsuit is strategic not only in terms of sensuality because with the low-waisted trousers it reveals the hips, the same effect we get with the corset tops, but also because being in fresh and beach fabric, it can be a very pleasant alternative to the top: neat and heat-proof. Reserve a chic model in the wardrobe to wear in the city so it is already a trend.

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