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Tibial plateau: what are the causes of the fracture and possible treatments

knee pain

When a fracture occurs below the knee, it is called a tibial plateau fracture. A problem that must never be underestimated and that it is important to take it in time.

Regarding the tibial plateau, it is important to know that there are different types of fractures .
There are in fact the fracture of the transverse tibial plateau (when the bone breaks straight) and the multiple one (when it breaks into many pieces). In any case, it is an important fracture that requires an accurate visit in order to understand which is the most suitable action plan to implement.

Tibial plateau fracture: rehabilitation and treatment

The tibial plateau, in anatomy, is the area that is immediately below the knee and which can break in different ways.

knee pain
knee pain

In fact, there are both the compound fracture of the tibial plateau and the displaced fracture of the tibial plateau.
In both cases the cause is usually a trauma while the symptoms are attributable to acute pain, swelling, pallor of the involved limb and deformity in case of misplaced bones.
In the event of a fracture it is therefore important to go immediately to the emergency room where, based on the situation, a visit and specific examinations will be arranged.

Based on the extent of the problem and the type of fracture, it will also be assessed whether to intervene surgically or whether to immobilize the part with a cast or a brace. Only later will we talk about rehabilitation which will vary according to the type of fracture and the type of intervention decided.

Tibial plateau fracture: recovery times

For a compound fracture of the tibial plateau, recovery times depend primarily on the way in which you have chosen to intervene. Whether one has operated on or not, in fact, passive physiotherapy may be necessary, followed by targeted exercises aimed at giving the area the right mobility again.
The times are therefore very variable.

In general, and in the absence of complications, just as occurs in the case of a fracture of the femur , we can speak of about three months. However, these can increase if you are faced with a more complicated situation. In any case, even during recovery , x-rays will be prepared to check the effective improvement of the compromised area.

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